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Congratulations Mr. Rusty Larson of St. Augustine Florida
for being selected as Graduate of the Month
for National Training Truck Driver School 
for November 2010.

Rusty is a married man and he has two kids. It seems Rusty and his whole family has decided to make career changes in their lives. Rusty’s wife is now attending school to be a Pediatric Respiratory Therapist and is doing very well. Rusty’s daughter has an AA degree in business and as Rusty puts it “she makes more money than me and that’s a good thing”. Rusty’s son is now a Senior in high school and is also making his own plans to start his life. All in all Rusty says “I’m very proud of my family”.

You have much to be proud of Rusty; it does appear you have a great family. Congratulations.

Unlike 90% of the other students that attend our school every year Rusty came to us already skilled in the ways of truck driving. You see Rusty was a dump truck driver and also drove a lowboy trailer hauling heavy equipment.

For those of you who don’t know what a lowboy is it’s a long trailer, sometimes with no sides, that is designed to haul very heavy and or wide loads such as construction equipment. They are called “lowboys” because the trailer is so much closer to the ground than a normal trailer. The trailers are designed to be close to the ground for better stability and weight distribution since the loads are so much heavier than normal. We also need to point out it takes great skill to be a lowboy driver.

Since Rusty was already a seasoned driver he was more comfortable driving the trucks however he did learn new things while attending our school. For instance he’s now much more proficient at backing the semi tractor trailers. He tells us his favorite part of training was the road trips and meeting new friends.

Rusty also tells us that every company he’s applied to have offered him a job. In fact, shortly after this interview Rusty had an interview and road test with a company, Holly Hill Transport, the following Monday. Well that is great news and a sure sign that the economy is turning around and the demand for truck drivers is still climbing.


Rusty’s plans for the future are to drive for a few years and own and operate a truck and then run his own fleet of trucks. Rusty we are very excited and happy for your current success and we know you will succeed in your future endeavors.

Thank you again for choosing National Truck Driver School for all of your training and allowing us to become a part of your life.

We wish you and your family the best. Congratulations.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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