Take a Free CDL Practice Test to Learn if You’re Ready for the CDL Written Exam

Illustration of a truck driver candidate taking a CDL practice testNational Training Inc. is pleased to offer this sample CDL written exam for you to use as practice. We cannot assure you that by passing this CDL practice test, you will also pass the actual written test.

You may take this CDL practice test as many times as you like, and each time we will grade it for you. You can then determine how much you already know – or how much you have to learn – in order to pass the actual CDL written exam.


National Training Inc Offers this CDL Practice Test as a Free Service to Aspiring Drivers

National Training Inc is happy to help you learn how close you are to achieving your goal by making this free CDL practice test available. If you are like most aspiring truck drivers, there will be gaps in your knowledge that you will need to fill before taking the actual CDL written exam.

That is why our truck driver training teaches you everything you need to know to pass the actual test and to gain your CDL license. This includes the “ground school” knowledge included on the written CDL test, as well as over 120 hours of hands-on and behind-the-wheel training, in order to pass the driving test.

Once you have finished and received your score on this CDL practice test, why not see how fast you can start learning what you need to know, by looking over a sample lesson?

See how much you know and how much you have to learn…
take our free CDL practice test!

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