Truck Driver School Rules and Policies

National Training, Inc. is required by its licensure to maintain a number of academic policies and other operational policies. This benefits our students by assuring them of the high quality of education we provide and the fair and ethical way in which we work with them.

Below are just two of the major policies that are included in our Course Catalogs for the National Training Inc. for  our CDL NOW and HEAVY NOW courses. You may download a copy of any of our course catalogs for review, including these policies, by clicking on the course button below.

NTI Rules and Policies

Minimum Entry-Level Requirements for Truck Driving School

  • You are 21 years old to drive interstate.
  • You can speak, read and write English well enough to do your job.
  • You can drive a truck safely.
  • You can pass the D.O.T. physical examination.
  • You have an up‐to‐date Commercial Driver’s License.
  • You have passed a D.O.T. written examination on the driver’s regulations.
  • You have filled out a detailed job application form.
  • You have a good driving record.

Key Rules and Policies for Students in our CDL School

  1. The school will make a prompt refund, if any refund is due, within thirty (30) days of cancellation. A full refund will be made promptly if the student is not accepted by the school.
  2. If a student is unable to pass a D.O.T. (Department of Transportation) physical examination and is ineligible to drive under the provisions set forth by the U. S. Department of Transportation, all tuition paid by the student will be refunded. The student must send to the school a copy of proof of physical failure from a licensed Medical Examiner. This physical failure notice must be received by the School within thirty (30) days from the date of enrollment or else the school will consider the physical has been passed and no refunds will be made. The student authorizes National Training Inc.  to use his or her name and/or picture in any future promotional material the School may produce. The promotional materials are in the form of print, video, broadcast and electronic format.
  3. If the school is unable to continue CDL  training at the  School for reasons beyond its control such as, but not limited to, hurricanes, floods, extreme weather conditions, fire, flood, etc., then the school reserves the right to suspend training at the Training Site(s) affected for a period not to exceed 120 days. If any student is affected by this clause, the student may return to the  School and take the complete  Training at no additional tuition charge.
  4. The vast majority of National students enrolled in this CDL  training should successfully graduate after completing the  Training. However, the school may find it necessary to give additional  Training time to the student. Therefore, every student agrees to take additional CDL training, up to 10 additional hours, if the school finds it necessary. There will be no additional tuition for this training, and the student will be assigned to a future CDL Training makeup class. The date will be selected by the school. The 10 hour additional training must be completed no later than sixty (60) days from the last attended class date.
  5. The School’s resources are always available to past graduates for “Refresher” sessions of training. These services are scheduled through the  Training Director and will be scheduled at the discretion and availability by the Director. Refresher training will only be provided to graduates of the actual program they graduated. The School will provide refresher training on a “by the day” basis. The School’s charges to the graduate will be on an actual cost basis. Refresher training costs do fluctuate based on a number of economic factors. Contact the  Training Director, with your specific needs, for a current quote. Active military, that trained and graduated during their military service, may require refresher training upon military separation. If needed, military graduates will be afforded ample refresher training, at no additional charge, provided refresher training is completed no later than 60 days after their military separation date.
  6. Rules, regulations and policies of the school regarding attendance and conduct during  Training shall be given to the student upon arrival for CDL Training. Failure to abide with the foregoing rules, regulations and policies may mean dismissal and resultant loss of training.
  7. The student at completion of CDL Training must meet all requirements and be able to satisfactorily demonstrate all equipment and academic skills set forth in the U. S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations Pocketbook to obtain a Certificate of Road Test and Certification of Written Examination, Graduation Certificate, and the Florida CDL Manual for Truck and Bus Drivers.
  8. Students understand their driving record may be investigated by potential employers.
  9. Student’s signature on the enrollment contract acknowledges training has begun when notified of acceptance by the school.
  10. The student agrees to attend training for any necessary hours during any 24 hour period.
  11. The student must successfully complete the CDL Training phase in order to graduate and receive the Certificate of Completion and be eligible for the CDL third‐party skills test which can be administered by the School.
  12. It is the policy of the school to assign work‐study projects to be completed by the student during the evening hours while attending CDL Training.
  13. ALL TRAVEL EXPENSES AND ARRANGEMENTS (TO AND FROM THE CDL TRAINING SCHOOL) SHALL BE PAID BY THE STUDENT. Costs for food, lodging, pre‐employment mandatory substance abuse testing and personal necessities while at CDL Training shall be paid by the student. It is the student’s responsibility to make their own selection and reservations for their lodging. The School sets no restrictions on where the student secures food and lodging.
  14. Students must have a valid Operator’s License that you have held within the last year, when reporting for CDL Training. All students must possess a Class A CDL Permit to attend CDL A training at the truck driving school. Students are advised that the cost of the written exam, skills tests or any other fees are to be incurred and paid by the student and are not covered by the tuition paid to the school. The student understands that they must be a “Florida Resident” in order to apply for a Florida CDL Class A License.
  15. The student hereby authorizes the School to give potential employers and authorized governmental authorities’ access to the student’s records upon request, in compliance with the Buckley Amendment.
  16. Unless otherwise directed by the Home Office in writing, all correspondence, inquiries, payments and other matters relating to this program made by the student shall be directed to:

National Training, Inc.
P.O. Box 65789
Orange Park, Florida 32065-5789


National Training, Inc.
5660 County Road 209 South,
Green Cove Springs, Florida 32043

Other Policies and Rules are located in our Catalogs, including those listed below. To learn more about these, please refer to the catalog for the program in which you are interested.


Additional Policies and Rules Covered in Catalogs:

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  • Privacy Rights
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  • Information Disclosure Statement
  • Student Enrollment Procedure
  • Previous and Transfer Credit Policy
  • Student Standards of Satisfactory Progress, Grading, and Termination
  • Cancellation, Settlement, and Tuition Refund Policy
  • Tuition Financing
  • Training Policies and Procedures
  • Graduation Requirements
  • Job Placement Assistance
  • Counseling and Student Grievance Procedures
  • Drug Prevention Program

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CDL Now Catalog Vol 14 Dec 2022
Heavy Now Catalog Vol 8 December 2022