Our Unique Truck Driver Training Grounds

Fleet of trucks used by NTDS in its truck driver training courses

A 350-acre Complex, Custom-Designed for Teaching Students to Earn Their CDL Licenses

Among truck driving schools, National Training, Inc. is the ONLY one in the United States with a large enough training facility, and a sufficiently long private highway, to safely train students to operate 18-wheel trucks and gain their CDL license. This expansive, custom-designed, 350-acre truck driver training facility is unique to us.

Our training grounds contain many features, including:

Aerial photo of National Truck Driving School Training Grounds

  • 1-¼-mile, multi-lane, private highway
  • Specially designed pad to practice backing up
  • 8,000 square feet of classroom and student services space
  • Student lounge and outdoor patio area
  • Maintenance shop, warehouse and garage
  • Administrative offices


At this facility, our students receive truck driving training to earn their CDL license, including the proper methods for how to:

  • Start, operate and shutdown a diesel tractor-trailer;
  • Safely and effectively, drive under a wide variety of traffic, load, road, weather and geographic conditions and locations;
  • Safely back a tractor-trailer in various conditions using various techniques;
  • Safely couple and uncouple a tractor-trailer; and
  • Park and secure the vehicle.

Compared to Other Truck Driver Training Schools, National Training, Inc. Offers a Safer Learning Environment

Students learning to drive and back up trucks in a safe environment at National Truck Driving School's Training Grounds.Some schools even risk their student’s confidence and safety by accessing public roads, just to gain more room to drive. Accidents usually occur from a combination of negative circumstances that can include unfamiliar surroundings and equipment, low driver experience, and the motoring public’s impatience for large semi-trucks.

By contrast, our training grounds were custom-built for truck driver training – and not modified from a parking lot – giving our students a safe and secure place to train and practice their skills without any potential for harm to the public.

Only when they are ready for real-world traffic situations do we allow our students to drive on public roads and highways, usually by the fifth day of their  training.   We believe this is the only way for students to SAFELY master learn professional-level driving skills.

In addition we offer four times the amount of actual hands-on training and practice, compared to many competing truck driving schools. That is why our graduates are more confident of their abilities, because they have thoroughly learned professional driving skills. It also explains why truck company employers from around the country seek out our graduates to hire – because they know the high quality of training that our students receive.

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