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Truck drivers often transport large and heavy vehicles carrying hefty and sometimes dangerous materials. To properly operate semi’s and big rig trucks requires a Commercial Driver License (CDL) and the proper truck driver training.

When choosing a truck driving school, you need to look for one that is certified, and which offers the best education. For paid truck driving school in Orange Park Florida, National Truck Driving School is your number 1 option.

Approved as a coeducational career institution by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles and the State of Florida, we are a school committed to giving you the best results.

We have a 350-acre CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) training ground, which gives our students a safe environment to practice their driving skills. The ground also has a private highway, specially designed to help our students learn how to drive big cars.

National Truck Driving School is the oldest and most trusted driving school offering the best training for heavy equipment operation and truck driving. Since 1979, we have trained more than 40,000 students, and from those, we have had a 98% completion rate.

From all the students that completed their courses, we have had a 100% job placement rate in their specific courses. In addition, our CDL training courses are some of the best countrywide, which makes us one of the most preferred driving schools by employers in the truck driving industry.

Truck Driver Training Services in Florida

We offer a diverse range of courses in the truck driving sector. Students could specialize in one of those courses or take several of them. Either way, we will personalize the services to meet your needs.

CDL training

We are the number 1 Truck Driving School Jacksonville FL, which gives students the necessary knowledge and skills to start driving trucks professionally.

Our highly trained instructors offer both classroom preparation and hands-on training that you need to safely and properly handle trucks and obtain your CDL Class A license.

A class A license allows you to drive vehicles that have a gross combination weight of over 26,001 pounds and tow cars over 10,000 pounds. These include 18-wheelers, tractor-trailers, tractor-trailer buses, truck and trailer combinations, tanker vehicles, and livestock carriers.

Our CDL training program prepares you for truck driving in 4 weeks. We teach you how to drive in different traffic situations, when carrying different loads, in different geographical conditions, and under different weather conditions. Some other things you will learn include:

CDL class b refresher course

If you are an experienced Class B truck driver looking for a truck driver institute Orange Park Florida, we are here for you to renew your skills. In addition, we offer courses for experienced drivers who need to refresh their skills. These courses can either be 1, 2, or 5-day courses.

Each of the sessions is hands-on, and it lasts 8 hours. We first assess your needs of refreshing your truck driving skills, then recommend the appropriate length of the course. We also determine the skills and topics we will cover for your specific case.

Heavy equipment operation

The construction industry is growing fast, and you might want to try your luck in it. You might also want to work as a heavy equipment operator in industries like water, gas, electricity, and telephone.

Our heavy equipment training program trains you on six types of heavy equipment, which gives you better chances of qualifying for a job in different industries.

Fleet training

We have group training programs that we personalize to meet the needs of your company and your fleet driver training needs. We train, re-train, and upgrade your drivers' skills, and we can do that either at our facilities or yours.

Our fleet training program helps improve your employee morale, company standard, care of equipment, and safety in meeting schedules.

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