CDL Simulators

Interactive computer-based training to ensure the safety of your drivers, your fleet, and fellow drivers on the road. 

 Our simulators offer realistic driving practice equipment in a low-risk, controlled simulation environment to build confidence and develop efficient skills. 

With our advanced system, your drivers are getting experience with much more than a simulator. They are receiving a total immersive training solution, right at their fingertips.  

How can our advanced CDL simulator enhance your training experience? 

Our advanced simulator system from Simulator Systems International provides a low-risk, low-pressure way to train both new and experienced drivers. With bold realistic graphics, authentic and genuine truck components, and a realis-tic motion platform to offer an immersive experience, your drivers will develop necessary road skills and prepare for real-world conditions and challenges. 

-Whether you are looking for refresher training, continuing education, skills improvement, or student driver training, our simulator can provide measurable benefits to your drivers, your fleet, and your company’s bottom line. With realistic simulator training, you will enable safer, more efficient drivers who will protect your vehicle fleet with their optimal driving skills. 

Our simulator training offers: 

  • cdlsimulator00Immersive components to mimic real-life road conditions
  • Improved concept retention with hands-on interaction
  • Reduced accidents and measurable safety improvements 
  • Introduction of industry advancements to both new and experienced drivers 
  • Enabling of safer, more efficient drivers 
  • Understandable behavior modification skills 
  • Results-based immediate feedback and correctional guidance 


Proven Simulator Value Among Trucking Industry Leaders 

Trucking industry leader Schneider National has championed the use of simulators for almost 15 years. According to Don Osterberg, Senior Vice President – Safety & Security for Schneider, the company’s use of simulators since 2005 has helped reduce the carrier’s crash rates significantly. When compared with traditional training methods such as classroom work or in-cab instruction, simulator training methods reduced accidents by 32%. And that is a significant benefit to every trucking company and commercial driver out there. 

Schneider was also able to achieve their training objectives faster and more cost-efficiently. Oosterberg noted, “The ability to use repetition is the key. We can practice things over and over and over in a simulator at a much faster pace than in an actual truck.” 

1 HOUR Simulator Training = 4 HOURS Behind-The-Wheel (BTW) Training 

And in what is another compelling reason to choose simulator training, Schneider believes that one hour of simulator time is equal to four hours of BTW training. When the extreme fuel costs for on-the-road training are taken into consideration, the result is a significant savings. And as fuel costs continue to increase, the positive impact to your bottom-line savings in fuel expenses alone will make your transition to simulator training well worth it. 

FMSCA Will Continue To Demand A Higher Level Of Skilled Proficiency From Drivers 

FMSCA has announced that driver proficiency will be given increased priority in CDL testing, as drivers will be expected to demonstrate a higher level of testable skills than ever before, along with superior command behind the wheel. Driving simulators can efficiently measure proficiency at the level expected by the FMSCA, and can progressively increase difficulty, track progress, and monitor results. 

 As the FMSCA commits to higher levels of safety and proficiency standards, drivers will invest more time and effort to ensure success. As drivers strive to meet the demand of new industry standards, they will very likely increase their commitment to voluntary simulator training, studying, and BTW training.  

Who Will Benefit From A CDL Simulation Training Model? 

    • The answer is – pretty much every driver out there! Our simulations can be used for new driving students, 3rd party testers, and for trucking companies who wish to perform safety evaluations. Simulators are more advanced than ever before, and can mimic road surfaces, hazards, weather conditions, and other challenges that drivers may face in their everyday trucking experiences.   By using our simulator as a fully integrated portion of a safe and effective training curriculum, drivers will gain experience in the low-risk setting of a completely controlled environment. When your drivers understand how to properly execute controls, manage shifting and braking, and drive properly, you will save money on costly maintenance and repairs.   When training is conducted in a safe simulated environment, there will be no material damage, injury, or accidental incidents on the road. Young student drivers may not yet have a proper grasp on the ability of what it takes to drive a commercial truck and may make rash decisions, leading to costly mistakes or serious injury to themselves or others on the road. Simulator training eliminates the damage that can occur when inadequately trained drivers are given only behind-the-wheel or in-cab training. 
    •   With simulator training, new drivers and 3rd party testers can:  
      • Gain exposure to real road conditions and build confidence levels 
      • Become familiar with all operating controls, switches, and panel instruments 
      • Experience rare but potentially catastrophic events and learn how to react 
      • Receive immediate feedback and constructive guidance 
      • Learn effectively from training mistakes and minimize their occurrence on the road 

    Experienced drivers can:  

    • Learn and practice new skills and novel approaches 
    • Be introduced to innovative equipment  
    • Address a gap in skills efficacy or efficiency 
    • Receive testing to ensure optimal safety skills 
  • Our CDL Simulators Can Be Used For CDL Class A, B, and C Training Programs 

  • All of the National Training Inc programs are fully integrated to offer the most effective training with the best learning retention possible. We offer a combination of simulator training, hands-on CDL training, and behind-the-wheel training, to ensure that our training candidates are fully prepared for their new career. 

      Truck Driver CDL Class A Training Programs 

     Students can be effectively prepared to receive their CDL and begin a truck-driving career in as little as a month! In that short duration, we can train beginning students who have zero experience operating a big rig cab and prepare them with real-world training in the safety of our simulator environment.  

    This training program includes:  

    • Safe operation of a truck under normal driving conditions 
    • Introduction to and practice with all basic controls  
    • Combination of online simulator and hands-on CDL training to guide new drivers in all areas of their intended profession 
    • 122 hours of hands-on driving time behind the wheel of a Class A 18-wheeler truck 

    Truck Driver CDL Class B Training Programs  

    Over the five days and 40 hours of training that this CDL Class B program offers, drivers will be fully trained on what they need to begin their career as a Class B driver. The 40 included training hours consist of a combination of App+ Simulator (30 hours) and hands-on (10 hours) training models. Candidates for this program must hold a current Class E or C license, have their CDL permit, and have their DOT physical completed.  

    This training program includes:  

    • A combination of online simulator training and hands-on CDL training to improve skills and prepare drivers for every aspect of their profession 
    • 10 hours of hands-on driving time behind the wheel of a Class B Manual Box Truck 
    • Truck Driver CDL Class C – Including Hazmat  This course is the best option for fully licensed drivers that currently hold a CDL. National Training Inc offers training courses in a variety of durations to meet the needs of drivers who would like to refresh their existing skills. These one-, two-, and five-day CDL training programs are perfect for experienced drivers who would like to improve their skills in an existing area, or would like to be licensed for Hazardous Materials transportation. This refresher program is designed to complement the existing skills of drivers who currently hold a Class A, B, or C license.  This training program includes:  
      • Customized CDL training to serve as a refresher course for experienced and currently licensed drivers 
      • Hazmat training for efficient and safe transport of hazardous materials 
      • Hands-on driving time behind the wheel of a semi tractor-trailer 

      In all courses, our simulator effectively trains in the following areas:  

      • Control Systems/Dashboard 
      • Basic Control                                                                                                                 
      • Visual Search 
      • Distracted Driving 
      • Speed Management 
      • Space Management 
      • Night Operation 
      • Extreme Driving Conditions 
      • Drugs and Alcohol Impaired Driving Module 

       Our computer-based training effectively trains in the following areas:  

      • Pre-Trip Inspections 
      • Post-Trip Inspections 
      • Air Brakes 


    •  The following areas are covered with a combination of simulator and computer-based training:  
        • Hazard Perception 
        • Shifting and Operating Transmissions 
        • Backing and Docking

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