Florida’s Best CDL Training School for Truck Drivers & Heavy Equipment Operators

We are Florida’s oldest and most trusted school to offer high-quality Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) training for truck driving and heavy equipment operation.


If you are looking to become a truck driver or heavy equipment operator, National Training, Inc. has the other schools beat. Approved by the State of Florida and the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles as a coeducational career school located in Green Cove Springe, FL, we are the proud owners of America’s only 350-acre CDL training grounds which allows students to practice driving in a safe environment, on a private highway specifically designed for learning to drive big rigs.

We have successfully trained over 40,000 men and women since 1978 who have enjoyed a 98% course completion rate and a whopping 100% job placement rate in their chosen field of truck driving and heavy equipment operation.

Employers in the vast truck driving industry in the US trust us, have ranked our CDL training courses as some



of the best in the country, and have therefore placed us in the top tier of all truck driving schools making us your preferred training partner to embark on your career of truck driving.

We’ve been around longer than most truck driver training schools, which means our methods are time-tested and designed for equipping you for your career in trucking.

We are also licensed by the state of Florida Commission for Independent Education, which ensures sound education and training in private, post-secondary educational systems. As one of the most respected truck driving schools in the country, we regularly conduct fleet training and CDL road testing for some of the largest trucking companies in the industry. Contact us today to schedule a tour or to find out more information on how NTI can help you reach your career goals in the truck driving industry.

NTI Truck Driver School

Years Established


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Why Choose Us?



Most Respected School in the Industry

Some of the nation’s largest trucking companies send their drivers to us to conduct fleet training as well as their CDL road testing.


Ranked in the Top Tier By Employers

Employers looking to expand their companies eagerly reach out to us due to our reputation of supplying high quality graduates who have had hands-on, in the seat training which brings valuable real-world experience with them.


Four Times the Amount of Hands-On Training

Many schools allow students only 15 to 30 hands-on training hours, while NTI gives you 120 hours of actual hands-on training. We believe that hands-on training and practice with real equipment is the only way to master professional level driving skills. We do use simulators for winter weather, etc.


Expansive 350-acre Training Facility

National Training Inc. is the ONLY truck driving school in the country with an expansive 350-acre training facility, including a private highway custom built for truck driver training.


Time-Tested Proprietary Teaching Methods

Our CDL Now course trains students on everything about the truck- from bumper to bumper-including important maintenance and operational procedures. Students take more hours of training than is required by the Connected Vehicle Trade Association or the Professional Truck Driver Institute, both major trucking industry organizations.


Oldest Private Truck Driving School in FL

Founded in 1978, National Training Inc. is well established within our country and has an “All Pro” reputation with over 40,000 of our graduates driving trucks professionally.

Not all training is created equal. National Training Inc. has the other schools beat!

CDL Simulators

National Training Inc.’s state-of-the-art simulator system from Simulator Systems International provides a low-risk, low pressure way to train both new and experienced drivers. With bold realistic graphics, authentic and genuine truck components, and a 3 axis motion platform to offer an immersive experience, drivers and students are receiving a total immersive training solution, right at their fingertips.


Call us today at (800) 488-7364 to discuss further details of our CDL simulator training and learn how it can improve your success of becoming a Class A, Class B, or Class C CDL driver.  


CDL Class A B and C Simulator
CDL Class A B and C Simulator