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Offering a Wide Variety of CDL Training Programs and a Heavy Equipment Operators Course

National Truck Driving School (NTDS) offers a wide variety of well-respected training programs that are designed to give graduates a competitive edge in the truck-driving field and job market.

Whether you want to get your CDL to drive trucks, or you are already a veteran truck driver, NTDS has the right program to train you to qualify for a great job, or to teach you how to become an independent owner-operator.
Three photos showing the three types of training in the courses offered by National Truck Driving School, including home study, classroom, and hands-on.

Three Truck Driver Training Courses that Let You Gain Your CDL License

For those looking to gain a CDL and get into truck driving as a career, we have three great programs from which to choose. All of these train you to drive semi-trucks and prepare you to pass the Commercial Driver’s License test:

  • CDL Preparation Program – Our most popular course, this is a comprehensive program that covers dozens of topics that other truck-driving schools simply don’t teach.
    • Students start learning at home using the Internet, so they don’t have to quit their current job to get started. This home-study portion covers everything about semi-trucks from bumper to bumper, including all major cab and trailer systems.
    • This method lets students complete many of the requirements of their course before ever stepping foot inside a classroom.
    • After completing this home-study portion of the course, CDL Prep students arrive at our National Training Grounds for three weeks of in-person instruction, to learn professional truck-driving skills. Click here to learn more about this program.
  • CDL Now! Program – Some students just want to get into the driver’s seat as soon as possible, so they can start earning good pay as a truck driver. They want their CDL Now! – which is what we call this accelerated program. Students receive all the training they need to start their career, in a four-week, 190-hour program designed to get them on the road fast. Click here to learn more about this program.
  • Independent Trucker Program – Another comprehensive program, this training covers everything included in the CDL Preparation Program, plus all the knowledge you need to become an Independent Owner-Operator. This is our most extensive course.  It also begins with distance education at home using the Internet, followed by three weeks of in-person training at our Training Grounds. Click here to learn more about this program.

For veteran truck drivers, we offer our Independent Trucker Program, which gets them into business for themselves, while staying in their chosen career. This usually results in greater pay and more freedom to choose hauling assignments, compared to working for a trucking company.

For former truck drivers who want to re-enter this career, we have a great CDL Refresher Program that checks their skills and knowledge, then fills in the gaps and tests them to renew their CDL, if needed. This course can be custom-built to fit the training needs required by each student. Click here to learn more about this program.

Student Learning to Operate Heavy Construction EquipmentOffering One Course that Awards Graduates a Heavy Equipment Operators Certificate

For those who want to operate heavy construction equipment, we offer a Heavy Equipment Operator Program, which trains on all the knowledge and skills needed to qualify for a job in this growing field. Click here to learn more about this program.

An instructor shaking hands with a fleet training graduate, in front of a row of semi-tractor trucksCustom-Designed CDL Training for Truck Firms to Fit their Fleet Driving Requirements

For schools and trucking companies, we offer our Fleet Training Program, a program of custom training to fit their individual fleet-driver requirements. Please click here to see an example of this program in action with a State College. To learn more, please call our fleet specialist at (904) 272-4000.

For complete details about our courses, please refer to their respective catalogs, which can be previewed or downloaded as PDF format files. Simply click on the catalog for the program below which interests you.

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CDL Preparation Program
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CDL Now! Program
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Independent Trucker Program
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Heavy Equipment Operators Program
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