Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) Course

National Training’s Hazardous Materials Course will teach you everything you need to know to pass the written test to add a Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) endorsement (H) to your CDL. 

A HAZMAT endorsement is required for all commercial motor vehicles transporting certain types or quantities of hazardous materials such as explosives, various types of gas, flammable and combustible liquids, etc. Transporting hazardous materials can be risky, so regulations are put in place to protect you, those around you, and the environment. 

The Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR) require training and testing for all drivers involved in transporting hazardous materials at least once every three years.

Hazmat Label Examples

Examples of HAZMAT labels

What students will learn:

  • The intent of the HMR Regulations
  • Bulk tank loading, unloading, and marking
  • Driver responsibilities
  • Driving and parking rules
  • Communications rules
  • Emergencies
  • Loading and unloading
  • Routes and Route Planning
  • Hazardous Materials Safety Permits (HMSP)
Propane Tanker with HAZMAT Placard

HAZMAT Course Breakdown and Curriculum Hours

Online Lessons

U.S. Department of Education defines a classroom hour as 1 clock hour which equals 50 minutes of instructor led training plus 10 minute break.

Course ID Description Hours
  Orientation, Roll Call  
E1.1 Basic Introductory HM Requirements  
E1.2 Operational HM Requirements  
E1.3 Reporting HM Crashes and Releases  
E1.4 Tunnels and Railroad (RR)-Highway Grade Crossing Requirements  
E1.5 Loading and Unloading HM  
E1.6 HM on Passenger Vehicles  
E1.7 Bulk Packages  
E1.8 Operating Emergency Equipment  
E1.9 Emergency Response Procedures  
E1.10 Engine (Fueling)  
E1.11 Tire Check  
E1.12 Routes and Route Planning  
E1.13 Hazardous Materials Safety Permits (HMSP)  
  Total Online Classroom Theory 8

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