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Congratulations to our Graduate of the Month for February 2009… Mr. Joseph Elixson.

Joseph hails from Lake Butler, Florida and is married with 2 sons ages 3 and 5 years old.  His family is his life.  Including his mom and dad and mother-in-law who, Joseph tells us have been very supportive of his new choice of careers.

Joseph is no stranger to the industry.  Prior to attending National Truck Drivers School Joseph used to work at Pritchett Trucking for 6 years as a diesel mechanic and run his own shop.  He decided to become a professional truck driver mostly due to the economy.  Besides that Joseph tells us that every professional truck driver he knows loves their job.

Although every industry in America has been hit by the current recession the trucking industry is one of the strongest and manages to survive hard times, such as these, due to the fact the products still need to be delivered and the transportation industry is one of the leaders in pulling economies through tough times.

During his research  on which school he should attend Joseph says he chose National Truck Drivers School because we were the first school in Florida and because of our custom 1 ¼ shifting track and nice facilities.  He also tells us that his experience with National was great, “We had excellent instructors that had lots of experience in driving”.  “Every moment was memorable.  My favorite part of training was our road trips because it was hands-on in the real world”.

During Joseph’s time in training he received several job leads, but he was more focused on his training than looking for a job at that time.  According to Joseph, “Because good training makes it easier to get the better job.”  Joseph’s plans now are to go and get that good job and work as hard as he can so he can give his family a good home and everything they need and want.


Joseph, we want to thank you for choosing National Truck Drivers School to help you achieve your goal.  We know you will succeed.

Here’s what National Training’s Lead and group instructor, Mike Adams, had to say about Joseph.

“Joe was assigned to one of my road groups.  He made my job easy.  Although Joe was a fast learner he was not over confident.  He was an inspiration to his group and class.  Joe is attentive, has a great sense of humor, a will to learn, naturally skilled and cares for his fellow man.  He will be a welcome arrival to the transportation industry.  Joe, I wish you many safe miles.”

Mike Adams

Lead Instructor

Well Joseph thank you for your kind words and we are very proud that you decided to join National Training and achieve your goal.  Please keep in touch with us and good luck down the road.
— National Training, Inc.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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