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This month we would like to congratulate Edward Kratz.

Edward hails from Interlachen, Florida and attended National Truck Driver School in November of 2008.  He has also been selected to be the Graduate of the Month for January 2009.

Edward is a newlywed.  He’s has been married for about 8 months now to his new wife, who he’s known for 6 years, Cheryl Ann Kratz.  Edward also mentioned other people that influenced his life such as his mother Elizabeth Wright, his Grandmother Margaret Wright and his late Grandfather William Wright.

Prior to making his life changing decision to become a Professional Truck Driver Edward worked as a mechanic for Merchants Tire and Auto in Wake Forest, NC.  We asked Edward why he decided to become a Professional Truck Driver and his answer is a fairly common one.  Edward loves to drive and he decided if he could drive, see the country and get paid to do it…why not.

Edward tells us he decided to go with National Truck Drivers School because he attended Citizens’ High School which is a homeschool High School completion program which is located in the same building as National Training, Inc.  Edward says “what better school than the one in the same building”.

Like many students, Edward says he’s had good times and not so good times during his time at our school.  However, Edward kept his head held high and made it an unforgettable experience.  National Training’s program is challenging but the rewards from this challenge are truly life changing.  Many of our students, after going through this challenge together, become great friends and also join a special group and a new family…other truck drivers.

During his time here Edward received four job leads through the school and another two just for mentioning that he was attending National Training’s truck driver training program.  National Training has spent years to develop and relationships with as many Transportation Carriers as possible and we have worked very hard to build a reputation with these companies.  We have found, through careful planning and attention to detail, a well designed course that provides our students the best possible training not only allows our students to get started on the right path in this industry but it also serves the needs of the many trucking and other transportation companies as well.

As for Edwards’s future plans…well let’s just quote him on them because you can’t say it any better than he did.  “Drive. Be happy and hope that one day I can help the way I’ve been helped.”


When we asked Edward is he wanted to add anything to the interview he said “Instructors – best in the industry.  I would tell anybody to come to this school who wanted to drive.”

Here’s what the instructors had to say about Edward.

“Edward showed and eagerness to learn from day one.  Constantly asking questions about the  tasks he was on whether it was shifting, backing or road driving.  Edward displayed the characteristics of a true professional, not only by his attitude towards learning to drive and maneuver semi’s but by encouraging his classmates to keep pushing and not letting them get down on themselves.

Edward was always upbeat and positive and faced each challenge with enthusiasm and energy, and it definitely helped his fellow classmates.

Edward was very sure to be positive of what he was expected to do and how to do it. We have no doubt that Edward Kratz will be a Professional Truck Driver and an asset to any company he works for.”

Well Edward thank you for your kind words and we are very proud that you decided to join National Training and achieve your goal.  Please keep in touch with us and good luck down the road.

National Training, Inc.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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