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Please meet National Truck Drivers School Graduate of the Month for May 2009, Brian Bushong.

Brian came hails from Glasgow, Kentucky where he lives with his fiancé Stephanie Culjak.  Congratulations to both Brian and Stephanie.  We wish you both a long and happy life together.

Prior to attending National Truck Drivers School Brian spent 10 years in the Army serving our country and seeing the world.  First, National has a special place for our veterans and we want to take this moment to thank you personally for your service Brian and we want to thank all of our military personnel who have served.

Now that Brian is done serving and seeing the rest of the world he now has the opportunity to see the country he calls home and has protected all these years.  Brian wanted to become a professional truck driver for the challenge and he tells us he always wanted to know if he had what it took to be a truck driver.  Well, we think that question has been answered.

We always ask our graduates why they choose our school and in Brian’s own words “They were the best school I researched and they had a good reputation for the turning out great graduates.”

We tend to agree with his assessment.

We also ask our graduates what their experience was like and if they have any memorable moments during their time with us.  Brian says “It was great!  Instructors were very knowledgeable.  I would especially like to thank Mike Adams, Skip, and Harold Youngs for all of their expertise and mentorship.”  “My favorite part of the training was the road driving.”   We will certainly pass on the good word to them and we are very pleased that you feel your experience was worthwhile.


We would also like to let everyone know that as of his interview Brian was set to start Orientation with Werner Enterprises.  Congratulations Brian we know you will do well.

Brian’s plans now are to drive over-the-road for a year or so to gain some experience and then get a local job so he can be home with his wife.  Great ideas Brian…since you are going to be newlyweds.

Instructors Comments:

“Brian had the highest GPA in his class and after seeing him drive a truck you would understand why.  Behind the wheel he is a natural.  He is a fast learner and very calm.  I have high hopes for Brian in this profession.

Brian’s situation was of special interest to me.  He is one of our military students.  Brian just completed service in the U.S. Army.  He is a resident of Kentucky and will have to take a CDL test in Kentucky for his license.  I tested Brian here to make sure he was ready for Kentucky.

Three days after graduation from National, Brian passed his CDL skills test with the Kentucky State Police.”

Mike Adams
Lead Instructor.

I guess it is safe to say we know where our lead instructor is from.

Well Brian, congratulations on your success and congratulation to you and Stephanie on the great event that is about to take place between the two of you.

Thank you and please keep in touch with us.

National Training, Inc.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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