Custom Fleet ELDT Training Course for New Drivers

Does your company need help with the training of new drivers? National Training’s Fleet Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT) course is designed specifically for entry-level drivers and ensures they receive the required training prior to taking their skills and knowledge tests. Your drivers will be trained at our custom-built 350 acre complex complete with a 1-¼ mile, multi-lane private highway and a specifically designed pad for practicing backing up procedures. Our training grounds were built with our students’ success in mind and allows them ample space to learn safely. Among truck driving schools, National Training, Inc. is the ONLY one in the United States with a large enough training facility, and a sufficiently long private highway, to safely train students to operate 18-wheel trucks and gain their CDL.

NTI 350-acre training grounds

National Training’s classroom training is blended between online learning, in-classroom instruction, and simulator time, allowing them more time for behind-the-wheel training. Once they have completed our 40 hour course, they will return to you for the training that is specific to your company and its policies. The new drivers will then return to us for state testing once they are ready. 

National Training Classroom

Your Employees Are In The Best Hands

Our instructors have more than a century of experience as truck drivers and CDL training instructors. With their experience and expertise, our instructors offer invaluable knowledge, coaching, and advice both in the classroom and behind the wheel.

Fleet Training Instructor

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FMCSA ELDT Regulations

FMCSA ELDT Regulations

The trucking industry is subject to government regulation, intended in part to ensure safety for those in the industry as well as the general motoring public. Part of being a professional driver is knowing and complying with the regulations that affect you and your industry. National Training, Inc. is proudly registered with FMCSA’s training provider registry. Our company follows FMSCA’s ELDT curricula guidelines, regulations and requirements. Click here for more information on the FMCSA Training Provider Registry.

FMCSA’s Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) regulations set the baseline for training requirements for entry-level drivers. The ELDT regulations are not retroactive; the entry-level driver training requirements do not apply to individuals holding a valid CDL or an S, P, or H endorsement issued prior to February 7, 2022. If an applicant who obtains a CLP prior to February 7, 2022, obtains a CDL before the CLP or renewed CLP expires, the applicant is not subject to the ELDT requirements.

Any individual who meets one of the exceptions for taking a skills test in 49 CFR Part 383 is also exempt from the ELDT requirements.

What types of training are covered by ELDT?

Class A or Class B commercial driver’s license (CDL) for the first time

An upgrade of an existing Class B CDL to a Class A CDL

A hazardous materials (H), passenger (P), or school bus (S) endorsement for the first time

What ELDT Students Will Learn

In addition to teaching a general understanding of the basics of vehicle construction and vehicle systems as well as the importance of diagnosing and reporting vehicle malfunctions to help maintain a safe vehicle, our ELDT course also teaches driver-trainees:

  • How to properly read and use vehicle instruments, controls, and safety components
  • To identify, locate, and explain the function of each of the primary and secondary controls including those required for steering, accelerating, shifting, braking systems (e.g., ABS, hydraulic, air) as applicable, and parking
  • Trip planning and Federal & State requirements on the need for permits, and vehicle size and weight limitations
  • How to properly perform pre-trip, on-the-road, and post-trip vehicle inspections including appropriate inspection locations, and Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR)
  • Understand what to expect during a standard roadside inspection conducted by authorized personnel
  • To safely and correctly operate, maneuver, dock, and back tractor-trailers
  • Couple & uncouple, inspect and test, and operate controls on combination vehicles
  • CMV emergencies and how to avoid and recover from them
  • To recognize potential dangers and the appropriate safety procedures to utilize at railroad (RR)-highway grade crossings
  • How to perform preventive maintenance, basic servicing, and simple emergency repairs
  • The proper and secure ways to handle and document cargo
  • How to recognize environmental hazards and issues related to the CMV and load, and how city, county, State, and Federal requirements may apply to such circumstances
  • Hours of Service (HOS) requirements, violations, and related paperwork and logs
  • Post-crash procedures
  • How to communicate clearly and professionally and basic business practices
  • Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA)

For a complete list of the ELDT minimum curricula required by the FMCSA, click here.

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CDL Simulators

National Training Inc.’s state-of-the-art simulator system from Simulator Systems International provides a low-risk, low pressure way to train both new and experienced drivers. With bold realistic graphics, authentic and genuine truck components, and a 3 axis motion platform to offer an immersive experience, drivers and students are receiving a total immersive training solution, right at their fingertips.


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CDL Class A B and C Simulator