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Pictured above is Mr. Tim Johnson.

Tim graduated from National Heavy Equipment Operator School in December 2008 and has been selected to be our featured Graduate of the Month.

Tim has a wonderful family consisting his 3 boy (Alex, age 4, Aren, age 9 and Owen, age 11) and with his beautiful wife Robyn they live in Jacksonville, Florida.

A little more about Tim’s personal background he tells us his mother, Rainy McKee, did very well giving with his upbringing since Tim’s father passed away when he was ten years old… our hats off to your mom.  Tim also has a brother, Shawn and a sister Ranee who is going to be a Doctor.

Tim used to work as a Foreman/Lead Technician for a foundation repair company for 7 years prior to attending National Training Heavy Equipment Operator School.  He ran lots of equipment and machinery and did most of the training, payroll and the supervising for his company.

Tim tells us he came to a point in his career where he felt he couldn’t go any further. As Tim puts it “I sat back and looked at what I like to do best out of my current job and it was operate equipment.  So I decided to further my education on all safety for many types of equipment to be a good asset in the industry.”

Why National?  After doing research on a lot of internet forums Tim felt that National Training was the best.  He’s seen our advertising for years on TV and since we are located very close to his home here in Jacksonville he felt we were the best fit to get him on the right path.

During the interview we asked Tim what his experience was like with National Training.  According to Tim “It was a lot more than I expected from the lessons to the instructors.  Never have I been to a school where the teachers care so much about their students in such a small period of time.  They make it fun, but also safe and have special ways of connecting you to the machinery.”

Our program is challenging but after 30 years in the business we feel we have developed our course in such a way that provides our students with the best possible learning environment.  From our convenient online home study lessons to our hands-on resident training we have studied every detail of our program in order to make sure our students are challenged enough to enhance learning but also fun enough to enjoy and increase their success.

Tim’s last comments he wanted to add was sort of a message to future students thinking about attending National Training’s heavy equipment program.  We have to say we appreciate his thoughts very much.  Tim says “Don’t under estimate what National Training has to offer because they will always surpass your expectations.  You will be surprised at how down to earth they really are.”

We want to thank Tim for all the great comments he’s said about our school and we want to let Tim know that it is people like him that make doing our jobs here at National Heavy Equipment Operator School.

Tim we wish you and all the rest of the Graduates much success with your future endeavors and please keep in touch…we like to know how our extended family is doing.

National Training, Inc.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.
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