Working as a truck driver presents many risks. You always have to beware of the threat presented by other vehicles. Trucking companies are aware of the danger the job presents. So, they fit trucks with safety accessories like spotlights and rotator lights.

These accessories make it easier for people to see the truck from afar and avoid accidents. While fitting trucks with safety accessories is great, the safety measures should continue beyond there. Companies must also provide truck drivers with high-visibility clothing. They make drivers more visible to others approaching the scene. Read on to learn more about high-visibility safety apparel and its importance for truck drivers.

High-Visibility Safety Apparels Explained

Bright colors are effective in capturing people’s attention. Some, like red, yellow, and orange, are often used in caution signs. So, people have come to associate these colors with warnings. That explains why bright colors work so well in high-visibility safety apparel.

High-visibility safety clothing is easier for people to see than normal clothing. When you wear such clothing, people will notice you and avoid any potential harm. Thus, the apparel works to minimize the incidence of injury and death while on the job.

When combined with retroreflective material, bright colors are even more visible. They help people see you even in poor light conditions, such as at night and dusk. Retroreflective material reflects light making you easily noticeable.

Most high-visibility clothing comes with reflective and bright fluorescent colors. They are suitable for use both during the day and at night.

Benefits of High-Visibility Apparels for Truck Drivers

High-visibility safety apparels are essential for workers in a wide variety of industries. Here are some reasons why high-visibility clothing is important for truck drivers.

Increasing the Truck Driver’s Visibility

Wearing high-visibility clothing that satisfies safety standards is vital for truck drivers. As a truck driver, you might need to get out of your vehicle on a busy road. You may have to do something for the vehicle on the side of the road. For example, putting on a tire chain.

A passing vehicle may strike and injure you as you attend to the truck if the driver can’t see you. Thankfully, you can reduce the risk of such accidents.

Ensure you wear high-visibility safety apparels when exiting or entering the truck. Do the same when attending to the truck while on the side of the road. The clothing will make you visible regardless of the lighting conditions.

Fewer Accidents

Accidents involving trucks happen too often, leading to severe injuries and even death. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) found that there were 415,000 accidents involving trucks in 2020. Of these, 4,444 led to fatalities, and 101,000 led to injuries.

Accidents involving trucks happen in many ways. Some happen because a motorist didn’t see the truck driver. Such accidents are likely to decline when a trucking company uses high-visibility clothing.

Safer Working Conditions

Truck drivers need a safe work environment and the right tools. High-visibility safety apparel is one of these tools. It allows you to be safe as you perform your responsibilities.

Employers that provide high-visibility apparels show that they care about their employees’ welfare. That may boost employee loyalty and productivity.

Compliance With Government Regulations

The government imposes various regulations on the trucking industry. It does that to ensure the safety of everyone involved. For example, most truck drivers must have a commercial driving license.

The government also mandates employers to ensure the safety of truck drivers while on the job. Incorporating high-visibility safety apparels is an excellent way to keep drivers safe.

Affordable Method of Ensuring Safety

Buying high-visibility safety apparels won’t break the bank. Thus, small, medium, and large businesses can afford to buy them and keep drivers safe. The safety clothing is also easily accessible.

Types of High-Visibility Safety Apparels for Truck Drivers

High-visibility safety apparels come in different forms. As someone with a career in the trucking industry, it’s important to know them. Ensure your safety by learning what your options are when it comes to safety apparel. Some of the high-visibility safety gear available include the following:

  • Vests, shirts, jackets, and coats
  • Coveralls and bib overalls
  • Leg gaiters and pants
  • Armbands
  • Headgear

High-visibility safety apparels are quite versatile. You can find one that’s suitable for any weather. The versatility also helps ensure the comfort of the wearer. When getting high-visibility clothing, find one that fits well. It will add to your comfort as you work.

Different Classes of High-Visibility Safety Apparels

The American National Standards Institute established high-visibility safety clothing standards. You can find them in ANSI/ISEA 107-2020, the American National Standard for High-Visibility Safety Apparel. The standard provides guidelines regarding garment design and reflective material, ensuring the safety of workers.

The right high-visibility safety clothing follows ANSI/ISEA 107-2020 guidelines. There are three different classes of high-visibility safety apparel. Ensure you understand these classes before buying high-visibility clothing.

Class 1

Class 1 offers the lowest level of safety. Apparels in this group only need minimal reflective material coverage.

They are best suited for people who work in jobs that put them at the lowest level of risk. For example, those with jobs in places where work is happening a safe distance away from the road. Vests in class 1 don’t need sleeves.

Class 2

High-visibility safety clothing in class 2 offers moderate body coverage. These apparels provide superior visibility compared to those in class 1. They have more reflective areas and highly contrasting colors.

Class 2 high-visibility apparels are best for people who work in somewhat risky places. Vests in this class tend to be larger than those in class 1.

Class 3

High-visibility safety apparels in class 3 are best for people working in highly dangerous environments. In such environments, visibility is usually the number one priority.

Class 3 safety apparels offer maximum body coverage. A greater area of the clothing is usually reflective. These high-visibility garments work well under poor light conditions. People can also see the wearer from a great distance.

Parting Shot

Wearing high-visibility safety apparel ensures the safety of truck drivers. Make it the norm to wear such clothing while on the job. You’ll be safer and more at ease.


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