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Lars Hall and Kathleen Buck are another National Truck School success story. They decided that being together while generating a serious income was something they not only wanted to do, but could do. National truck Drivers School facilitated this life changing decision for them.

Before coming to National truck Drivers School, Kathleen was a social worker that practiced in the mental health field. She was a therapist and a medical social worker. This prompts the question; why would she leave a career like that? The answer for Kathleen was simple, burn-out, low pay, and too much time away from Lars.

Lars owned and operated a small business and picked up a few dollars as a musician. He also wanted more money and needed to spend more time with Kathleen. Small business owners are often “married” to their business to make it succeed and grow. This meant that Lars spent many hours away from what truly mattered to him.

While Kathleen was going to school, she was challenged by the whole concept of learning something new. But, judging by the smile on her face, it was well worth effort. She garnered 7 job offers from trucking companies while still in training. Kathleen decided to enlist with Covenant transport. Covenant has a great benefits package plus, they train husband and wife teams.

Lars also had his challenges with the training. He did overcome them all due to the diligent attention of the instructors. Lars collected 3 job offers during school and, you guessed it, went with Covenant Transport too. Lars and Kathleen both enjoy the compensation Covenant provides as well as the time they spend together.

Covenant Transport is one of the largest truckload carriers in the United States and operates the industry’s largest fleet of team driven tractors. Covenant features just-in-time and other premium transportation services, focusing on longer lengths of haul and selected traffic lanes to enhance equipment utilization, improve operating efficiency and provide the equipment availability demanded by major shippers.

Lars and Kathleen both enjoy their jobs because of the travel, pay, and togetherness they experience. When not on the road, Kathleen likes to read, catch a movie, or just work out. Lars likes spending time with Kathleen. (There’s a news flash)

We here at National truck Drivers School are pleased we could help these two love birds be together more and get a nice salary for it. We are also happy they are doing well and wish them continued success.

Lars and Kathleen are our graduates of the month for May 2004.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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