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Please meet Warren Matthews from Palm Bay Florida. Warren is a recent graduate and now a successful professional truck driver.

Warren attended and graduated from National Truck Drivers School in March of 2007. Prior to attending our school Warren laid tile and also worked as a Tobacco sales representative.

However, due to layoffs and combined with the fact that he always wanted to be professional truck driver Warren decided the time was right and to research various truck driver training schools.

We asked Warren why he chose National Truck Drivers School for his training. He told us that the convenience of the home study lessons which aloud him to complete the work on his own schedule was a big factor. The other factor was the short 3 week hands-on training period.

At National Training we understand people need high quality, but fast, effective training. We believe a person cannot learn to drive a semi-tractor trailer from behind a desk. We also understand the training to become a professional truck driver takes time.

Realizing those two things; we designed our training program so the student doesn’t have to spend their time at our training facility sitting behind a desk. Our home study program provides our students the means to stay employed while enrolled our program. Once the home study lessons are complete the student can spend the majority of their time behind the wheel and not behind a desk like other truck driver training programs.


With over 29 years and 30,000 graduates to our credit we believe our training program was the right choice for Warren.

Warren now works for U.S. Express. U.S. Express is a premier transportation company providing pick-up and delivery services through out the United States.

We asked why he chose U.S. Express out of the other 15 job leads he received from National Truck Drivers School. He said he chose U.S. Express for the pay, the type of trucks, and the all of the modern technology they provide with the truck.

Trucking companies know they must take care of their drivers. It is the driver that delivers the goods to the ultimate destination. If the material doesn’t arrive it is terribly costly for the everyone involved. Right now the industry is also experiencing a severe driver shortage due to the increasing demand for goods.

Warren’s truck happens to be outfitted with G.P.S., Satellite communication system, E-pass and Toll pass for the toll roads.

This type of equipment is becoming increasingly common in todays trucks. All of this new technology sure does make life on the road seeing the country a lot easier. We would also like to mention that getting to see the country happens to be Warrens favorite part of his job. Actually, that is probably the most common answer we here when we ask our students.

All of us at National Training are very happy for Warren and we are very proud of the fact he chose us to help him along his new path in life.

We thought Warren deserved to be recognized and we want to thank him as well.

Congratulations Warren and as a token of our appreciation we wanted the world to know we decided you deserved to be our featured graduate for this month.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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