Tim KanouseTim K. was a top Truck Driving School Graduate of National Training Truck School. Tim is married to Annie who is a high school teacher at Interlochen High School. They have two sons. His oldest Matthew is a UNF graduate and his youngest Aaron is in his third year studying to be an engineer.

Before Tim came to National Training Truck School, he was a building contractor. When the economy tanked, he found himself looking for work. He said that good pay and a good job were far and few between. He heard that the trucking industry was in need of drivers and he began checking out schools in the area. He said he checked several schools that offered training and found that National Training Truck School was the best, the most highly recommended and in the end he says; “It was the right choice, no doubt about it”. Tim found himself in a dilemma while in school, even before he graduated, he received four job offers! What a problem to have to decide WHICH company he would go with. Now that’s a problem we should all have!

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He said that his experience was not at all what he expected. He found our instructors to be very professional, knowledgeable, friendly and helpful in acquiring the skills he would need to be a Professional Commercial Truck Driver. He said the training grounds and atmosphere of the school was awesome.

Tim said he had a great time while attending training and the classes were great, he actually looked forward to coming to school each day and thanks all at National Training Truck School for a job well done!

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