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Steven is a recent graduate of National Truck Driver School and he has returned to visit us.  This is one of our favorite parts of our job; we enjoy it when one of our own comes back to visit.

Steven is married and has one child and is currently working for Schneider National.

Steven graduated from National in July 2008 and from the looks of it he’s doing well.  Steven came to be a trucker when he was laid off from his previous job warehousing.  It seems this is becoming a common story these days, but fortunately trucking is one industry that remains stable in troubled economic times such as these.

The reason the trucking industry remains very strong and stable is because there are more goods that need to be moved than there are trucks and truck drivers to handle the load.  Trucking companies need drivers like Steven to keep up with the demand.

In fact, we asked Steven how many job leads he received before he graduated from National and although he couldn’t recall the exact number he emphasized that he received “plenty”.  We are glad to hear that Steven.  National Truck Driver School has many industry partners we work with and we work hard with our students to make sure there are opportunities available to use their newly acquired skills.

Whenever we have a graduate of ours return to us from the road we like to drain them of all the information we can to help us keep up with what’s going on in the industry.  Steven’s visit wasn’t any different.  We really like to know why our students decide on National Training to get them on the road.  Steven said he chose National “For the accreditation and superior training given by the instructors.” 

Thank you for the good word Steven…we do try very hard.

We also asked Steven what he likes the most about his new found career and he gave us a very common answer…”freedom”.  The trucking lifestyle does offer plenty of freedom.  Steven, although working and still responsible to a boss, has a freedom only a trucker can explain.  Steven doesn’t have a boss looking over his shoulder and he gets to see the country.

Every day is an adventure.

Well we want to thank you Steven for stopping by.  We hope you pop in again.  One thing we love to do is see the success of one of our own and we love it even more when they stop by and share their experiences with us.

Thank you,
National Truck Drivers School

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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