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Meet Shelia Stanford. National Truck Driver School Graduate of the Month for July 2011.

Shelia is a special graduate of ours because she graduated from our school back in 2001 and since then has carried on a very successful career in the trucking industry. After 10 successful years of actual driving Shelia is now a driver recruiter for Covenant Transportation.

Shelia lives in Arizona however she’s originally from Palatka, Florida which is just down the road from our school.

Prior to attending National Truck Driver School Shelia worked as a bus driver and also owned her own restaurant in Palatka. Actually, Shelia’s story and relationship with National Truck Driver School begins at her restaurant..

When Shelia was running her restaurant one of our instructors, Gene Thomas, used to stop by with all of his students for lunch while they were doing driver training. Shelia and Gene became good friends during these lunch breaks and when Gene found out that Shelia was closing her restaurant he stepped in with an offer that would change Shelia’s life.

Gene commented to Shelia “why don’t you become a truck driver”. Shelia admits driving a truck was something that never occurred to her. Gene told Shelia if she came to National he could teach her to drive. Even though Gene extended the offer to her, Shelia isn’t one to just jump into something without doing her research.

Before she decided to come to our school Shelia did some extensive research and went online to look at other schools and even came out and visited our training campus. Shelia says she ultimately chose National because of the length of our program and from her visits she could see we were a professional program.


Shelia also told us that during her time with us she loved the one on one instruction she received plus she loved the way she was treated by the class and the instructors. In fact, Shelia said her absolute favorite part of her time with us, besides being able to back up the quickest, was the camaraderie that she and her fellow classmates and instructors developed together. Shelia was also proud to remind us that she was the only female in her class and she scored the highest out of everyone. Also, while Shelia was with us she received 7 job leads and chose the company she is currently with, Covenant Transportation.

We asked Shelia if she felt National Training prepared her for her career as a professional truck driver and her answer to us was “absolutely”. When Shelia became a Driver Recruiter she said National was the first place she wanted to come to hire new drivers. Shelia was also quick to point out to us that there are so many other opportunities in the trucking industry other than driving. As Shelia told us you could become a safety driver, a recruiter, a driver trainer, you can also become a board member for your company, etc.

To let everyone know National Truck Driver School is now one of Shelia’s regular stops and she’s scheduled to make several returns to visit us and speak with our students.

Shelia, from all of us at National Training we would like to thank you for being an ambassador to the trucking industry, an example of the success and good things this industry can provide and choosing National Training Truck Driver School for your training and coming back home to us. You truly are an inspiration to all of us.

Thank you,

National Training, Inc.
National Truck Driver School

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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