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Meet Scott Parker.

Scott recently graduated from National Truck Drivers School on June 6th, 2008 and has been selected to be our Featured Graduate for this class.  Scott is a fellow Floridian and hails from the city of Deltona located in Volusia County.  Volusia County is just short drive south of us and is located on the eastern shore of Florida.

The town, Deltona, has an interesting story behind its existence.  The name Deltona is derived from two nearby cities – DeLand and Daytona Beach.  Deltona was officially started in 1962 when the Mackle brother purchased 17,203 acres of land and developed a planned unit.  In April of 1963 the first Deltona residents arrived and within a year 78 families called Deltona home.

Today, due to its proximity to Disney, Deltona grew to its current populations of 69,543 people, 24,896 households, and 19,518 families. If you ever find yourself in Deltona you may notice a street named “Elkcam”.  Elkcam is Mackle spelled in reverse in honor of the brothers who started the town.  Deltona is also home to “Twiggy the Water-Skiing Squirrel”.  Yes it’s true, a squirrel that can actually water ski.  Take a look – Click Twiggy.


Ok, enough about Deltona and back to the man of the month.  We asked Scott why he chose to become a professional truck driver. Scott says he wanted a job that offered him something new in life and fit the things he likes to do and what he likes to do is drive and travel. It just so happens that being professional truck driver you get to drive and travel all you want… and get paid to do it.

What amazed Scott about this career field was the fact that he was able to receive his training and get his Commercial Drivers License in such a short time.  Our program is designed just for this purpose without sacrificing safety or the necessary training it takes to become a true professional truck driver.  After 29 years in the business we believe we’ve developed the perfect program.  After all 30,000 graduates can’t be wrong.

The main reason Scott was chosen for this honor is because he managed to impress our instructors greatly. According to one of our instructors, Chris Doyle, Scott managed to stand out during the training program. In fact, Mr. Doyle’s exact words were:

“I had the pleasure of having Scott in my Road Truck during the May/June truck class.  He was an excellent student and a very quick learner.  Scott is very detail oriented and rarely repeated any mistakes. Scott will go far in this industry.

Chris Doyle
Instructor, National Training, Inc.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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