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Congratulations to National Truck Drivers School
Graduate of the Month for August 2009

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Mr. Wyer is a recent graduate of National Truck Drivers School and below is copied from an email message we received on July 30, 2009. It needs no editing and all of it is in his own words.

“Dear National Team:

Just wanted to write a few lines to ya’ll letting you know that I got a great job driving OTR for Prime, Inc. out of Springfield, MO.  I started on June 20th, and today, 5 weeks later, I have 25,010 miles, 5 transcontinental trips and 37 states under my belt.

I am currently driving team with my co-driver until I get to my 60,000 miles at which point I will get my own truck and run solo for a while.  After that I am planning on becoming an instructor myself. I’d like to send a special thanks to Stewart, Harold, Skip and Mike at the training grounds for all the effort they put into training me.  It has come in handy everyday and every mile of my journey.

My current instructor and co-driver is impressed with the amount of instruction I received at National and has told me on several occasions that I am one of the best prepared drivers he has had so far.  I could almost hear Skip telling his anecdotes as I crossed the passes in the Colorado Rockies, and I could almost see Stewart smiling as I did a one shot alley dock in a real alley (no cones, only walls and light poles) in St. Louis late one night.  And believe it or not, my trailer wheels have yet to run over a curb. Even though it is clear to me that one never stops learning and that there are new challenges everyday on the road, I could not have gotten a better start than the one National gave me through the online courses and the 3 weeks in Green Cove Springs.

Thank you very much,

Scott Egan-Wyer”

We want to thank Mr. Wyer for thinking about us and we are extremely happy for his success. We hope Mr. Wyer continues to keep in touch with us throughout his travels and shares his experiences with us. Who knows… maybe we can convince him to bring that awesome tractor-trailer by the school and show it off to our students.

National Training, Inc.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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