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Sandy, along with her husband David, enrolled into our program in March 2007. Taking advantage of our “study at your own pace” program Sandy completed the home study phase in just 2 weeks and jumped right into class with her husband David.

This is a prime example of the effectiveness of our program. We offer high quality training that allows our students to get behind the wheel of new career fast.

Sandy’s Story in his own words:

“I never thought truck driving was the career I would choose and if you told me that five years ago I would say you were out of your mind! Out here I am awarded Graduate of the Class”.

Let me tell you, I was very intimidated about the decision to start this new career and even more afraid sitting in the driver seat on my first day. My hands were shaky and sweaty, my face was hot and my heart just about pounded out of my chest. I couldn’t even find the lever to adjust my seat. Forget about watching RPM’s, double clutching, shifting into gear and watching my mirrors – I thought I would get sent home on the first day. But now I can say “I did it!” and it feels great. I’m proud of everything I’ve learned and glad I got to meet all the wonderful people along the way.

Now I’m excited to drive as a team with my husband and start the adventure of over the road driving. Thanks for everthing N.T.I.!”

What the Instructors had to say:

“As a classroom student, Sandy was an absolute pleasure! She asked many good questions and took good notes (here test scores reflect this). Sandy and her husband David will both make fantastic drivers and should “GO FAR!” Chris Doyle – Instructor

“Sandy is a quick learner. She excelled across the board!” Mike Adams – Lead Instructor

What the Staff had to say:

“There are just those times in life when all of us find something that makes the day a great one. These days are what get us out of bed and keep us going- even in the toughest of times. All of us at National Training had such a day and several after when Sandy came to our school.”

To Sandy and her husband David – Thank you. Meeting people like you make this job…not a job, but a great experience.

National Training, Inc.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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