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Meet Samuel Graham.

Samuel has been selected as National Truck Drivers School graduate of the month for April 2008. Samuel recently visited with us and brought his shiny new rig along to show off.

Samuel hails from Beverly Hills, Florida and prior to attending National Training he worked in fast food and eventually became a land surveyor. At the ripe old age of 23 Samuel decided a bigger and more fruitful change was in order and decided trucking was the way to go since it was something he’s wanted to do for a very long time.

We like to speak with our graduates about the experiences that brought them to our school. For many, when we pose the questions to them, often say that the decision to become a truck driver just felt right. The appeal and the lure of being on the open road, traveling across the country and getting paid to do it make the decision a simple one.

Samuel, at his young age, will begin his experiences seeing our country with plenty of job security and excellent benefits providing that extra level of comfort that many people do not enjoy. The demand for truckers is high and jobs are plentiful.  In order for trucking companies to keep up with the demand they know the job must provide security, great pay and plenty of benefits to their drivers.

With all of the benefits of being a professional truck driver Samuel can now enjoy his favorite part of the job… travel. Let’s just say Samuel has a lot to enjoy.

During Samuel’s visit with us we asked him why he chose National Training over all the other schools he investigated. Samuel tells us the reason is during his research everyone he spoke with recommended National Training as the school to go to.


We would also like to mention that during Samuel’s time with us he received 4 job leads and he now drives for Trans Am Trucking.

A little history of Trans Am Trucking – Trans Am is currently based out of Kansas City, Missouri. They started as a refrigerated truck load carrier with 70 tractors and 100 refrigerated trailers. Now Trans Am has more than 1200 tractors and over 2400 refrigerated trailers. They attribute their success to the dedication the resources of the company which are first and foremost, the people, then the equipment and the customer.

It seems that Samuel picked a winner to start off his new career.  We are very happy for him and wish him continued success in his travels.

Thank you and congratulations Samuel.

National Training Truck Drivers School.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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