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Samuel Benoit comes to us from Newman, GA just up the road from us.  He is a former Marine having served 4 years active service as an Engineer Heavy Equipment Operator.  Thank you Samuel; we appreciate all of the sacrifice our service member’s make.

Samuel chose to become a profession truck driver because, as he puts it, “I figured getting my CDL would go nicely with my heavy equipment experience.  Also, ever since I was young I loved trucks and equipment.  I always had a thing for the size and power trucks have.”

Samuel you are right on to think the CDL license would go nicely with your heavy equipment experience.  What many people don’t realize is having the training and experience in trucking and heavy equipment makes a person that much more employable, particularly with construction companies.  One person can fill the role of two people thus saving the company money by not having to employ another person.


A person who can drive the trucks to haul the equipment from site to site and then offload that equipment and operate it is one valuable employee to any construction company.  Very smart thinking Samuel.

According to Samuel the time he spent with us at National Training went by quickly because there was so much to learn.  He also noted that the instructors had the knowledge of the industry and were able to teach the classes in a way that was easy to understand.  The important thing is Samuel feels confident going out into the trucking industry.

Samuel tells us his favorite part of the training was the road driving.  Road driving is where the students actually take the tractor-trailers out on to the open roads and highways for driver training.

Samuel’s plans for the future plans are to run a flatbed truck regionally around the Southeastern part of the U.S.  He’s also very interested in working for CSX in Georgia when positions open up and he’s also planning on going into the Georgia National Guard.

Samuel, according to our Lead Instructor, Mike Adams, you were an excellent student and extremely focused during your training with us and you always strived to do your very best during the training evolutions.  Knowing Mike and what a good judge of character he is we know you will do well no matter what you decide to do.

Samuel, from all of us here at National Training we want to thank you for choosing us to help you in your life.

Thank you,

National Truck Driver School

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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