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Everyone…meet Ronnie Moss from Gainesville, Florida.

Ronnie is a graduate of ours that was gracious enough to stop by and visit with us and he brought along his brand new rig to show off to the current class of students.  Nothing makes us happier than to see one of our own reach their goal.  It excites everyone when we see our students driving up in their tractor-trailers with big smiles on their faces.

Not long before this picture was taken Ronnie worked in a warehouse and was an assistant manager at a tire store for 12 years.  Not to say there is anything wrong with either of those jobs, but you certainly don’t have the freedom offered in truck driving.

In other words… the boss can’t stand over your shoulder while you’re driving down an open stretch of highway.  In fact, this is the reason Ronnie chose to become a professional truck driver.  Even though you are working for a company and you do have a boss you are still your own person responsible for yourself to get the job done.

As you can see Ronnie now drives for one of the largest and successful companies on the road today…Swift Transportation. Swift Transportation started in 1996 transporting steel from the ports of Los Angeles to Arizona and from Arizona back to Southern California they would haul cotton. Prior to becoming Swift Transportation they were known as Common Market. They became Swift when they purchased the Operating Authority from a descendent of the Swift Meat Packing family. By 1990, Swift had grown to a $125 million carrier with 800 trucks.  Swift’s significant revenue growth is attributable to internal growth with existing customers, as well as acquisition.  Since 1988 Swift has acquired 11 different motor carriers. Today Swift generates over $2.5 billion in revenue and operates over 16,000 trucks.

Now it appears as if Ronnie made a wise career move after graduation from National.

As we do with all of our graduates we like to ask why they chose our school above all others to help them start this new chapter in their lives.  We found out that Ronnie was actually referred to us from a former graduate of ours we also found out that a few of Ronnie’s uncles attended our school as well.  We are very appreciative of the fact that we had the privilege of training a group of family members.  A Referral is probably the biggest form of a compliment we, or any business, can earn.

Prior to graduation Ronnie received, as he put it, “too many” job leads from our school.  Wow… I never heard of having too many job opportunities in my life, but we’re not sorry to burden Ronnie with these job leads.  It appears as if he managed to get through all of those leads.

When Ronnie isn’t out on the road he likes to spend his time with his wife Monique.  Anytime one can spend with their family is great, but it makes it even better when you know you have a career that can provide you with a good, stable life with all the health and insurance benefits needed to ensure your family stays healthy and intact.

Well Ronnie, we are glad you stopped by and for being a great student.  You’ve certainly done us proud at our school.  Congratulations on your new career and we wish you continued success around every turn.

Thank you and congratulations Ronnie.

National Training Truck Drivers School.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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