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This can be you in a matter of weeks.

Phillip and his wife Geri Ann have been married for 27 years. They have 3 beautiful daughters 16, 22, and 25. His wife is an author and teacher. His oldest daughter is a musician and singer for her church. His middle daughter is studying sports medicine and his baby girl is a junior in high school.

Phillip Prevette has been a pastor for 25 years and has had the opportunity to travel all over the world. Phillip Prevette said he has always loved to drive and decided to become a Professional Truck Driver for job security and is looking forward to getting on the road as his next great adventure!

Of his experience here at the truck school, Phillip Prevette says he met many great people that will be friends for life. He also said that the instructors were very helpful and patient with all the students and that the Career Services Department worked diligently with each and every student. As a matter of fact, Phillip received 7 job offers BEFORE he even graduated! Phillip has chosen Roehl Transportation to begin his new career and that he highly recommends National Training Truck School to all who interested in a promising career.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.