Truck School Graduate

Truck Driving School Graduate Paul Birley

Congratulations go out to Paul Birley, Truck School Graduate of Beaufort, SC for being one of the top Graduates of National Training Truck School in March 2013!

Truck School Graduate, Paul has recently discharged from the United States Marine Corps after serving our country for 8 years as an Explosives Ordnance Technician. He came to National Training Truck School as a backup plan to get his Commercial Drivers License to find work part-time while attending a Pilot Training School. He heard about National Training Truck School through a buddy who graduated from our school and told him the job opportunities that would be open for him. He said he chose National Training Truck School because of its reputation of training highly skilled and ready to work drivers.

He said that our instructors were very knowledgeable and answered every question he had. He didn’t learn shortcuts or tricks, just the facts and everything he needed to be a professional driver.

He had an exciting time while training at National Training Truck School and said his favorite part of training was driving that big tractor trailer on the road.

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