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Everyone knows that the first of April is “April Fools Day.” Along with that we expect pranks, jokes and little fibs for fun. Having said that, take a good look at the logo on the door of this truck our graduate of the month is driving. Yes! That’s right! Nils Parnell drives for the World Championship Wrestling organization. You might thing we are pulling a prank in honor of April Fools Day, but this is no hoax.

On Friday, March 16 and Sunday, March 25 the WCW had engagements here in North Florida. Nils took that opportunity to come by the school and “show off” the truck and talk about his job with the WCW.

Nils told us he loves driving the big rig. He enjoys the prestige that being a driver for the WCW brings. Without Nils delivering all the equipment that is required to put on a match, there would be no match. From costumes to canvas Nils is a critical link in the production efforts that go into the wrestling event.

To prepare for a career in trucking, Nils chose National Truck School because of the “hands on” training he received. Classroom time is limited do to the distance learning phase that prepares students for the resident training. After completing this distance learning training course, Nils arrived at Resident Training with solid concepts and practical knowledge of the trucking industry and truck driving. This helped to insure that the hands on training was maximally effective.

Nils told us that before he attended National Training that he had held many, many jobs. Driving a semi tractor-trailer may be the first job he is really happy doing, and the last one he ever needs to have. Truck drivers are in such critical demand that Nils will be employed as long as he wants to be.

We asked Nils what he enjoyed most about his job. We expected mainstream answers such as; the scenery, the freedom of the open road, nobody looking over your shoulder, being your own boss, etc.. The point being there are many reasons for enjoying trucking. Because National Truck School has been training safe, quality truck drivers since 1978, we have heard almost all possible reasons for being a truck driver. Nils surprised us with his answer to what do you enjoy most about your job? Are you ready? He said, “chasing the Nitro Girls.”

2001 Nitro Girls of the WCW


Judging by their appearance, we hope he doesn’t catch them.

For his hard work, tireless efforts, and his contributions to trucking and wrestling, we here at National Truck School proudly bestow the no April Fools honor of…

Graduate of the Month for April 2001.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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