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Meet Michael Slaughter…

National Truck Driver School Graduate of the Month for July 2010.

Michael Slaughter is married to a lovely lady by the name of Debra. Debra is a retired Marine Sargent Major and she and Michael met while they were Drill Instructors at Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, S.C. They have two beautiful daughters, Jessica Renee and Marissa Michelle (Ages 17 & 13).

Michael and his family live in Tennessee where they ride, breed and train quart horse paints. We have to admit that sounds like a nice life right there…and they’ve earned it.

National Training, Inc. is a very proud supporter of our armed forces and we want to mention to everyone that Debra is a four tour veteran of Iraq. To Michael and Debra, thank you from all of us at National Truck Driver School for your service and sacrifice to our country and for our freedom.

As for Michael, he is still on active service with the Marine Corps and is going to retire very soon. Michael says “My faith, commitment to God, country, family and the Marine Corps have been very fruitful and without any regrets.” Michael we commend you on your service and your faith and we hope it continues to bear fruit for you and your family.

Michael chose National Training because we are one of the very few Truck and Heavy Equipment Operator Schools approved for Tuition Assistance and VA benefits for military service members. He also chose National because of our professional staff he worked with while applying and attending school.

In his own words:
“National Training, Inc. does a great job with their field ambassadors on Marine Corps bases. I’ve had the unique opportunity to discuss possibilities and opportunities with two members at Camp LeJeune, NC and finally at Parris Island, SC. Joe Curry and staff members at the main office were also instrumental in making the process user friendly and conducive to transitioning into the civilian market.”

Michael told us he wanted to extend his gratitude to the instructional staff. He says each instructor was a professional and took the training to a higher level by sharing their personal experience within the trucking industry.

Michael also said
“Each instructor is a master at their skills and moreover their patience with each student was complimentary!”

As for memorable moments while at National Truck Driver School Michael tells us at the beginning of the course he could see how everyone was eager yet worried if they would be able to pass the course.

As Michael put
“long and worried faces”, but by the middle of the course the confidence level is peaking and the students are interactive and even more eager.”

We know it Michael and we’ve seen those same faces thousands of times…literally. Each class starts out the same. It’s natural that people are worried about achieving success with something as life changing as this. The results are always the same though and as each student, through the guidance and the patience of our professional instructors, always come out beaming with confidence and feeling like they can drive anything. We pride ourselves on the training we provide.

We provide our students the best tractor-trailer training facilities available. Everything we do is designed provide our students the best training environment possible. We do not train our students in a vacant parking lot; we train our students on our custom designed 350 acre training facility complete with our own 1 1/4 mile track, backing training area, 8,000 square feet of classroom space, late model equipment and instructors who know about the trucking industry and how to convey their knowledge to our students.


Anyway, back to Michael. Michael tells us his future plans are to retire from the Marine Corps and then take some much needed time to spend with his family. As he puts it “Get to know one another again”.

After Michael reintegrates with his family he wants to start his driving career and also pursue a position as a ROTC instructor at the local high school in Paris, TN.

We know Michael with his extremely high values and work ethic instilled in him during his time in the Marine Corps will prove to be the key point in his success which we have no doubt he will achieve.

Take a look at what our Lead Truck Driving Instructor Mike Adams had to say about Michael.
“When you think of a U.S. Marine, Mike’s that Marine. As a Marine Drill Instructor, Mike has an above average understanding of the training process. He was a positive influence for his class. It was our pleasure to work with him. Mike, I thank you for your service and welcome you aboard in the trucking industry.” 
Mike Adams, Lead Instructor
National Truck Driver School

Michael we want to thank you again for your service and Debra as well. This is her journey too. We wish both of you much success and welcome you both into our fraternity.

Thank you,

National Training, Inc.
Truck Driver School

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