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Please meet National Truck Driver School Graduate of the Month
for December 2011, Michael Morey.

Michael joined us from Mims, Florida and he worked for United Space Alliance actually working on the space shuttles. Michael decided to become a Professional Truck Driver due to the fact the space shuttle program has shut down causing many people, such as Michael, to look elsewhere for work. Michael also mentioned he wanted a job that gave him some adventure as well. He chose the right job for adventure. Motor carriers travel the country; it’s like a new adventure every day.

After Michael decided he wanted to be a truck driver he started his research on the various schools and other training programs and he chose our school because we are a fully accredited school. Accreditation is a very important credential for any school to have. It shows the public that the school is honest and conducts business in a fair and legal manner.

While Michael was with us his favorite part of training was the road trips they took on a daily basis. He also told us that he had a great time with and he met many very good people.

Many people that attend our school often receive job opportunities before they even graduate from our program and Michael is no different. While he was here he received a job opportunity from Werner Enterprises.

Congratulations Michael!

Michael now plans on traveling the country seeking his adventure and earning a good living doing it.

Well Michael, we know you’ll find your adventure and we hope you will stop by to see us often.

Thank you for choosing National Truck Driver School and congratulations!

National Training, Inc.
National Truck Driver School

This can be you in a matter of weeks.

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