Craig Scott

Truck Driving School Graduate, Michael and Mary G. attended National Training Truck School training together in February 2013.

Michael was a project manager for an electrical company and needed a change and more time with his wife. Mary was excited to attend the school with her husband, to be able to travel together, work together and make awesome money team driving! They are enjoying the freedom that Commercial Truck Driving has to offer as well as being with one another. They chose to work for a company that trained them together on the same truck so that they would complete their training at the same time.

Truck Driving School Graduate

The first year out for this couple, they are expecting to make $80k to $84k and have full health, dental and vision. They will take paid vacations and days off at the same time! How sweet is that?! They also chose to get their Hazmat endorsement which puts an extra $300 or more per week in their pockets. Way to go Michael and Mary!! Thank you for choosing National Training Truck School as your school of choice, we are proud to have served you!

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