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It is with considerable pride that National Truck Drivers School recognizes Mr. Melvin Johnson. Melvin calls Naples Florida his home. Prior to Melvin becoming an alumnus,

he tried his hand at construction work. He realized that being on the delivery end of a hammer did not offer any long-term security. Melvin decided that a future away from sawdust and woodscrews was necessary. So Melvin decided to follow his heart and become a truck driver.

Melvin Johnson chose National truck Drivers School to provide him with the initial yet critical training he needed. As he progressed through the school we asked him to describe the most difficult part of the training. Melvin Johnson said, “I don’t recall any part being all that difficult.” We wish all our students could breeze through the training like Melvin. Melvin did go on to comment on the superior quality of instruction he received from our cache of instructors. Before Melvin graduated, he garnered 5 job offers from various employers. He decided on Sitton Motor Lines.

Sitton is a privately held corporation that operates as an irregular route common and contract carrier, providing truckload transportation service throughout the United States and Canada. Their commitment to quality has been developed through experienced personnel, late-model equipment, state-of-the-art technology, and professional driver representatives. Since the beginning their business philosophy has remained unchanged: Learn from the past, embrace the future and, most importantly, provide the customers with the best service in the industry, bar none. With a mantra like that, it’s easy to see why Melvin picked them over the other offers.

When Melvin is not out seeing new places and getting paid for it, he enjoys wetting a worm or ridding his motorcycle. Apparently, Melvin must drive something at all times, truck, boat, or motorcycle.

We thank Melvin for his commitment to the internal combustion engine and specifically trucks. We wish him success and award him the prestigious “Graduate of the Month” for August 2003.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.

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