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Meet Mark Holtrop,
National Truck Driver School Graduate of the Month for October 2010.

Mark just graduated from National Truck Driver School recently on September 17, 2010.

Mark lives in Orange Park, Florida with his wife Holly and their five boys – MJ, Christopher, John, Chris & Brandon. According to Mark his wife Holly is “simply beautiful” and he could not have completed his career with the United States Navy Reserves without her. Mark also tells us his five boys “are my life”.

Mark also owns and operates an irrigation company and since the economy, as we all know too well, has taken a turn for the worse and he also worked for a pest control company to make ends meet. Like many before him, Mark had to choose a different path to follow so he chose to become a Professional Truck Driver.

We asked Mark why he decided to become a truck driver and his response was “I have always admired that career and because the economy has put me into a position to seek more work I have chosen to have fun doing it and seek a dream at the same time.” Mark always knew of National Truck Driver School since we are in the same town as he and his family…now Marks one of us and on his way to his dream.

Like all of our students, Marks first experience is a little nerve racking however Mark tells us the detailed training he received put all of his nerves to rest. Also according to Mark his most memorable moments of school is the fact he got to meet new people and he’s proud to say that the whole evolution here with both the staff and the other students was simply the best.

Mark, we want to personally thank you for the compliment.

When it came to job hunting Mark did the everything right. He networked with his friends and one of his friends helped him obtain a pre-hire with a company and because of his driving experience with the military Mark was able to secure a driving job.


What are Mark’s plans for the future? Well, as he puts it “I would like to work hard in the truck driving career while my oldest son continues to run the irrigation company. I would like to buy some land with a little country home on it and live happily ever after”

Mark we would like to take this time to personally thank you for choosing National Truck Driver School for your career training and we also want to thank you for your service to your country. National Training proudly supports our military service members.


Hey Mark, one more thing…take a look at what our instructors thought of you. Continue.

“Mark is a class act. He lifts the spirits of the group. He has a great work ethic and will be welcomed with open arms into the trucking industry.”
Harold Youngs
National Truck Driver School

Well Mark, congratulations to you and your family and we wish you all the best in your life and your family’s life. Please stop by and see us. There’s no excuse… you live here.

National Training, Inc.
Truck Driver School

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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