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Please meet National Truck Driver School Graduate of the Month for November 2011, Marissa Jiles.

This is a belated award for Marissa however we felt it was necessary to make sure she received her just reward.

To all proud Americans we want to let you know that Marissa is a service member in our beloved U.S. Marine Corps.  That’s right, one of our proud service members has attended our school.

Marissa was still on active duty while she was attending our program.  Thanks to National Training’s format military members can attend and train for a new career while still on active duty.  We have been working with military veterans for over 20 years now and have graduated many, many members.

We are proud of our veterans and we are proud of Marissa for her service.  Thank you Marissa.

What does Marissa do in the Marines?  Well, she’s an avionics electrician working on the Marine workhorse helicopter the CH-46 and also the latest aircraft for the Marine Corps, the MV-22 Osprey.  To be an avionics electrician requires intelligence and skill and we can say that Marissa displayed both while going through our program.


We asked Marissa why she chose to become a professional truck driver and in her exact words she said “I love driving and seeing the big trucks on the highway.  Growing up and watching my dad on his job around the trucks and trailers, I knew I wanted to be a truck driver when I got older.” 

Well, the answer just doesn’t get any plainer than that.  Marissa knew what she wanted from the time she was a young girl and she followed through.  Congratulations Marissa.

According to Marissa she chose National Training because “National was the only school I knew that the military would pay for and I could have my CDL before I was discharged.  They also offered online courses so when I went to school near Jacksonville, Fl. training would be hands on.  Trucking companies I talked to thought highly of National graduates.”


We asked Marissa, as we ask all graduates, what her time with us was like and she told us her experience was very positive.  On days she felt she wasn’t driving well the instructors would encourage her and keep her motivated.  As long as she kept trying she knew she would pick it up and always pass on test day.  She said her progression through the course was on average with the rest of her class and it was the support of her peers that helped her confidence.

Some of Marissa’s more memorable moments in the course are the times she did her first laps around the shifting track with our instructor Harold Youngs.  We guess it was a very enlightening experience…we didn’t get any further details about that trip.

Next Marissa said the following day they had her out on public road ways and that was another moment for Marissa that was enlightening.  She said she didn’t realize she would be going out on the public roads so soon.  Well, that’s because Harold knew you could do it Marissa.

Other enlightening moments for Marissa were the lessons on the backing pad however with the motivation and training of the instructors who knew Marissa’s skill level she passed when the time came.  This, according to Marissa, made her very happy judging by the smiley face she drew on the interview sheet.

More good news is the fact that during Marissa’s time with us she began to talk with at least 3 different companies looking to hire her. According to Marissa “I plan to drive OTR (Over The Road) my first year and try to get a dedicated or local route.  After gaining a few years experience in the driving industry I want to purchase my own truck and become an owner operator.

If any of you that read this have noticed when Marissa says she’s going to do something…she does it.  Marissa we don’t even feel it’s necessary to wish you good luck because we know you will succeed. However we’re superstitious…good luck.

From all of us that have had the pleasure of working with you we want to say thank you for becoming a part of our family.

Thank you,

National Training, Inc.
National Truck Driver School

This can be you in a matter of weeks.

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