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Meet National Truck Drivers School Graduate of the Month for December 2009…Mr. Luke Schaberl.

Luke came to us from Lillington, North Carolina and is currently married to his beautiful wife Joy and they have 4 wonderful children; Luke IV age 18, Harleigh age 11 and Nathaniel Lee age 6.  Wow…they’re spread out pretty evenly there Luke.  It seems like you are a lucky man and you have a wonderful family.

Luke is an American Patriot having spent 22 years in the U.S. Army retiring out of Fort Bragg, N.C.  Luke served as a Dental Laboratory Tech.

Luke tells us he wanted to be a professional truck driver for many years.  His father and grandfather were both drivers.  Luke says he tried to be a driver while in the military however the opportunity never happened… until now.  Well Luke, it seems your dream has come true.  Congratulations!

As always we ask our students why they chose National Truck Drivers School and Luke told us he has been looking at National for about 7 years now and that our accreditation was the swaying factor. Thank you Luke; accreditation is something we are proud of attaining and we are one of a very few select schools of our kind that are accredited.


While at National we try to provide our students with an enjoyable, but challenging, experience and we want to make sure our students become the best drivers in the industry.  Our instructors are seasoned veterans of the road and every one of them is proud to say they enjoy their job.  I think Luke agreed; as Luke put it “I enjoyed every day I was here.  The instructors never hesitated to answer questions and share their wealth of knowledge.  They helped improve my skills right through the last day.”

Because we try to provide our students with an enjoyable experience along with the challenge it provides our students with memories of their time with us.  Luke’s fondest memories are of his time during the skills testing period.  He says he felt relaxed and comfortable behind the wheel fo the tractor-trailer.  He attributes this to the training he received while at NTI.

As of right now Luke plans on returning to Tulsa, OK to take up an opportunity to work for the Veteran’s Administration.  Like many of us at National, Veterans, Luke wants to help his fellow service members.  While there Luke is going to weigh his options and see what happens from there.

Before closing Luke wanted to say a special thank you to his family for supporting him during this whole process.

One more thing we would like to add to this story is what Luke’s instructor Mike Adams had to say about him.

Mike Adams is National Truck Driver School’s lead instructor.

“Luke was a natural.  He learned very quickly and helped his classmates every chance he got.  Hel held the highest GPA and placed well in his skills testing.  Luke has a mindset that will promote success in his future.”

Well Luke, thank you for the opportunity to share an important part of your life.  We wish you success and we hope you stop by sometime to pay us a visit.

Thank you,

National Training, Inc.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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