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National Truck Driver School Graduate of the Month for January 2012!

Graduate of the Month January 2012

Kelly Lowe came to National Truck Driver School all the way from Carlsbad, New Mexico. He has been married to his lovely wife Allison for 11 years and they have two kids between them along with their “other” children…a German Shepard and two toy poodles.

Kelly worked in law enforcement for over 20 years with the Carlsbad Police Department in New Mexico and has since retired. During his time in law enforcement Kelly worked his way up through the ranks from reserve officer to the rank of Captain. He also worked as a K-9 police dog handler and as it turns out is his German Shepard, Premus was his partner. Premus retired with Kelly and both are now best friends.

He told us now that he has his financial future secured he wanted to start another living; one that would allow him to travel and bring his wife and best friend along with him. Well, Kelly chose the right profession. Apparently, being a truck driver has always been a dream Kelly has had since he was a child.

As with most people Kelly started his research on the various truck driver training methods and schools available and, obviously, he chose National Truck Driver School. When we asked him what he based his decision on Kelly told us he even though other schools were closer to his home he spoke with various recruiters and found out we are accredited and felt strongly we were the best option for him to succeed.

Graduate of the Month January 2012
Like most students Kelly found our course to be challenging and during his first day with us behind the wheel, grinding and clashing gears, he had thought’s of not being able to do

so well. However, this is common and after some encouraging from our Lead Truck Driving Instructor, the ever patient, Mike Adams reassured Kelly that in a few weeks he would do it easily. I quote Kelly’s next comment about Mike Adams prediction…”He was right”.

He always is Kelly, he always is.

During Kelly’s time with us he received a job offer from a company in his home state. On top of that they also offered Kelly a brand new, out of the factory, truck for him to drive along with a handsome salary to go along with it. Also during his time with us he received two pre-hire letters from a couple of company’s National works with on a regular basis.

Although, Kelly received the two pre-hire letters he ultimately chose the offer from his home state. After all, how could he pass up that opportunity? Home state, new truck and a smashing salary! Good job Kelly!

As for Kelly future plans he simple says he plans on traveling the roads and highways, earn money and most importantly, spend time with his family and friends while experiencing what he’s learned in one of the nation’s most reliable employment industries “Professional Truck Driving”.

We asked Kelly if he had anything else he wanted to add and he said “I would like to express my appreciation to the school and to all the instructors but especially to and a special thanks to Mike Adams, a patient and encouraging instructor. And Dennis is a great guy and one to have around when the chips are down.”

Kelly, we at National would like to thank you for your law enforcement service to us and also for allowing us to become a part of your life and to play a small role in your future. Good luck to you and we hope you will keep in touch with us. Happy traveling Kelly.

National Truck Driver School.

Thank you,
National Training, Inc.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.

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