Kelly ByersCongratulations to Kelly Byers of Florida who graduated in November 2012. Kelly is married to his wife of 25 years and two children who are currently attending college. They enjoy Florida living with ample access to the beach when the whim strikes them.

Before attending National Training Truck School, Kelly was a route owner for Pepperidge Farm Breads for 17 years making deliveries to major grocery chains in his area. But when the recession hit in 2008-2009, it affected his ability to maintain the financial resources needed to sustain his financial responsibilities. Thus, he sought out the Commercial Truck Driving Industry in order to meet his goals for growth and opportunity outside of his limited delivery area.

He said that after much research and direct contact with the major trucking companies, he chose National Training Truck Driving School because he felt he would receive the professional training he needed to break into the industry. He said the “training I received at National Training Truck School was the most exciting, fun and challenging experience I have had so far and I am very grateful for the safe, knowledgeable and professional manner in which the course is presented. Each day offered a new skill, a new challenge to reach the achievement level expected by the school.

Kelly received more than six job offers before he even graduated and he said the problem now was to make the best choice for his future. He plans to eventually get into driver management/training when he has fulfilled the seat time required by the industry.

In closing, Kelly wanted to add; “My experience at National Training Truck School was fantastic! The facility was well equipped, safe and exciting. The town and surrounding areas were the perfect grounds for learning.”

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