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Meet National Truck Drivers School Graduate of the Month for March 2010… Mr. Julius Watts.

Julius lives in Jacksonville, Florida with his lovely wife Marta for whom he says he is blessed to have. Julius also has 3 children who also have been a positive influence on him.

Prior to attending National Training Julius worked at a concrete cutting and breaking company as a cutter and a driver and he was also the equal opportunity advisor for the company. Julius chose to become a Professional Truck Driver because it was a childhood dream plus the work is challenging and you must use your skills everyday to achieve success in this career.

Being a Class “A” driver is not for everyone. It’s not as simple as learning how to shift gears and drive. The job is challenging and it takes a real professional to do the job. When you drive on of these big rigs you’re in control of millions of dollars worth of goods that people are relying on to make it to them on time and in one piece.

Julius chose National Truck Driver School after doing a lot of research and he says it came down to the instruction, professionalism of the school and staff and how many students in the class and on the road during training.

We also asked Julius what his experience was like during his time at National and he tells us it was challenging, well planned, very instructive and everyone was treated equally. Julius also went on to tell us the most challenging part of the program was the “backing” portion of training. However he was able to complete the lessons because of the instructors and the way they teach. Our instructors know how to make a person feel relaxed during their lessons and use patience to guide our students through the evolutions.

During Julius’s time with us and working with our Career Services Department he received 15 job leads and now Julius plans on driving over the road, and he says he wants to drive flatbed trucks and haul oversized loads. In the future Julius wants to join the coveted “Million Safe Miles” club and at some point become a driver trainer.

We commend you Julius; you already have a direction you want to take in your career. Keep up the good work and you’ll succeed.

Julius also says he would recommend to anyone to come to National Training if they want to become a professional truck driver. He says National is a relaxing, but very intense training program. It’s fun and “leading edge in truck driver training”.

Here’s what our instructors had to say about Julius and the time they spent with him.

Instructor comments:

“Julius is top notch. He worked really hard and did a great job. His character and drive make him stand out in the crowd.

Julius is a humble man and doesn’t talk much…but you know he carries a big stick. Julius served in Iraq and was severely injured. As a former soldier myself I would like to commend him for his valiant service. He will again be serving his country as a truck driver. He will haul the freight that keeps America moving.

Julius , thank you.”

Mike Adams
Lead Instructor
National Truck Driver School

One thing National does proudly is support our troops. Julius thank you dearly for your service to this country and the sacrifices you’ve made for us. This also goes out to your family who’ve sacrificed as well.

Profoundly again… THANK YOU.

National Truck Drivers School

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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