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Meet Jon Toalson, National Truck Driver School
Graduate of the Month for December 2010.

Jon is from Fleming Island, Florida. Literally just down the street from our office. Jon has a beautiful wife, Jackie and they just past their one year anniversary this past August. Congratulations to Jon and Jackie. Jon and Jackie have also recently been blessed with their first, a boy born in February. As Jon says “Life couldn’t be sweeter than it is right now”.

We couldn’t agree more Jon; you’re a very lucky man. Hang on to it.

Before Jon decided to become a Professional Truck Driver he was a bartender and also a car salesman and he’s also worked several different types of jobs as well. Jon made the decision to become a Class A CDL truck driver because of the positive future the certificate and license could give him. Also because of the stability and the rate of starting pay and opportunities that are available. Having this training and this license makes Jon a very marketable employee.

We asked Jon why he chose National Truck Driver School for his training and in his own words – “I did extensive research on the internet for the possible opportunities for training. I visited several and National has the largest facility, highest quality equipment and top instructors. It also came at a reasonable price. In my opinion, best equipment and reasonable price are a no brainer.”

Wow, thank you Jon; we couldn’t agree more with you.

During each class we like to go around and ask the students what is or was their favorite part of the training experience and if they have any really memorable moments. Jon said his favorite part was his first road drive. That kind of shocked us a bit; very few people relish the thought of getting behind the wheel of a semi-tractor trailer and heading out to the highway…for the first time!

Well, as Jon puts it “To realize that someone like myself who has never driven a big truck can learn that quickly and be able to operate one was a huge feeling of accomplishment and really set the tone for the remainder of the class.” “As far as memorable moments there are too many to list. My classmates were great and I made many friends.”


It seems Jon is made for this job. He shows no fear and he is definitely easy to make friends with. You can tell he genuinely like people? This will serve him very well in the future as it already has.

While Jon was here he received two opportunities to interview with North Florida Sales (Budweiser) and CSX railroad. Yes, we did say railroad. Even they need us truck drivers…ha ha.

Jon says his future plans are to choose the company that, to him, seems like the highest quality and then develop his experience from there. We know he’ll do very well with either one he chooses.

Jon we would like to thank you for choosing us and for all the nice things you’ve said about us. We want to wish you the best of luck and again, congratulations on your one year anniversary and your new son.

Thank you,
National Truck Driver School

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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