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Meet James Doering, National Truck Driver’s School Graduate of the Month for January 2010.

National Training has many great graduates and James is one of them.  Although he graduated in August of 2009 we wanted to make sure he receives the recognition he deserved.

James is married and has two boys.  His oldest son is married and has children of his own.  Mrs. Doering works at a law firm and is involved in many outside activities.  In fact, one of her favorite things she likes to do is go for long rides on her very own Harley Davidson.

We love this lady!

After James graduated from college he went to work as an insurance adjuster and throughout his career he’s held various positions from training to manager. One very interesting piece of information about James is through his work as an adjuster he handled truck accident claims.  It was through those experiences James became interested in the trucking industry.

You see James is somewhat of a free spirit with an independent adventurous side to him.  James likes the prospect of the open road and the independent lifestyle really appealed and intrigues him.  Since his family is now matured enough he doesn’t need to be home every night.

We asked James why he chose National Truck Driver School for his training and he told us he examined and evaluated 3 Florida schools.  James also met with the training staff and inspected the training facilities.  You can bet with a background such as his James thoroughly examined and inspected the staff and sites.

When it came down to it James felt National Training had the most to offer in getting him properly trained for a Class “A” CDL.


Here’s James own words about his experience with National Training.

“The school met all my expectations.  All the instructors were knowledgeable and well versed in the many aspects of truck driving.  The instructional hours were long with a large amount of information that needed to be absorbed.  I was very pleased with the amount of knowledge I gained in the 3 weeks I was here.”

With each graduate we like to ask them about any memorable moments they may have had during their time with us.  All of them do and James is no different.  James told us the first time he got to take the 18 wheeler out on the training grounds to the public roadways he had to cross a narrow bridge and meeting him in the middle in the oncoming lane was another 18 wheeler.  As James told us “I knew we both wouldn’t fit!”   “What an adrenalin rush…from that moment on I was sold on the idea of trucking!”

We asked James what his plans are for the future and remember when we told you James was a free spirited, adventurous type?  Well James wants to drive coast to coast and maybe somewhere down the line he would like to become a driver/trainer.  In his own words: “I’m excited about my future prospects.”

James, we are very happy you enjoyed you time with us and training we have to offer.  Thank you for the compliments you have bestowed on us.  Please stop by sometime and let us know how it’s going for you.

Oh yea, our instructor, Stuart Richards had something he wanted us to include in James story.

“James was great student and kept a positive attitude.  I really enjoyed having him as a student.  There are many opportunities in this business and I’m sure he will make the best of them.”

Thank you James,

National Truck Driver School

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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