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National Training would like the world to meet Huey Lanier. Huey came to visit us this month to show our instructors his gratification and his new ride. To show our gratification back to Huey and thank him properly we decided he needed a whole month dedicated to him and his success.

Before becoming a professional truck driver Huey worked as an auto technician and a heavy equipment operator. We also wanted to mention Huey is a local man that lives in East Palatka with his wife Shannon.

After graduating our Professional Truck Driver Training program in March of 2007 Huey went to work for TMC/TDT. TMC/TDT is a company that has been in business for 25 years and is headquarted in Lake City, Fl. and provides transportation services throughtout the continental United States. Huey chose TDT because of the excellent vehicles they provide for their drivers and their close location to his home.

An interesting bit of information we found out is the fact that Huey’s son Jared is also a truck driver. Now it seems truck driving has become a family event. This will surely lead to some interesting conversations during family gatherings or when he’s enjoying his favorite hobbies like riding his Harley or shooting pool with the boys.

We asked Huey what he liked about being a professional truck driver and he said its always a challenge and seeing sights along his drive.

It is not surprising the trucking industry has attracted people such as Huey and his son. The industry is experiencing a severe truck driver shortage and is in high demand for professional truck drivers to move their goods.

In order to attract more truck drivers many companies are providing their drivers with the best equipment available. Many trucks are now equipment high tech ammenities such as GPS navigation equipment, internet access with email and satillite receivers for television. Many trucks have refrigerators, microwaves and very spacious sleeper compartments with large beds.

Take a look at Huey’s truck. His is certainly a testiment to the effort companies make to take care of their drivers. It seems TMC/TDT want to make sure their drivers get the best and are happy.

We think Huey will do very well in this industry. He certainly seems pretty satisfied to us.

Congratulations Huey! From all of us at National Truck Driver School, particularly the instructors, we thought you deserved this recognition and we wanted to say thank you.


This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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