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National Truck Drivers School takes extreme pride in introducing Homer A Dennewitz. Homer graduated in November, 2002. Homer is now employed by Stevens Transport. Before graduation he received eight offers for employment. We asked him why Stevens over the other offers? “I received offers from over nine trucking firms, but chose Stevens Transport. They are a mid-sized trucking company with diversified investments, giving them a solid financial base. I had heard their driver-training program was one of the best in the industry. I also was attracted to their program which gives drivers that prove their commitment to Stevens, the opportunity to train other drivers. They also have a great program that offers leasing opportunities to their drivers to become owner operators and to drive independently.

Before making the decision to enroll in truck driving school, Homer owned and operated a Travel Agency in Orlando and was co-owner of a national accessible van rental company. Sounds very lucrative doesn’t it? So, we asked what prompted your career change? “As a result of the 9-11 attacks, there was a devastating affect on the travel industry. Business revenue dropped 95% in just a two-week period. I wanted to stay in business for myself so I decided to analyze the truck driving industry. No matter the economy, whether depression or recession, people still have to eat and need dry goods to live. I feel there will be security in truck driving, and longevity for as long as I choose to drive.

Homer likes the fact that he is an owner/operator, able to stay “self-employed”. He likes the independence he still has, and being able to see the United States. “From coast-to-coast. I never get tired of the scenery, and the sunrises and sunsets at times are spectacular.”

Homer has a loving wife, Donna, who supports him and is very understanding about his new venture/adventure. They have no children and Donna has a full time career, it makes it easier to be a part of the trucking industry, and be away from my home base for extended amounts of time. “With having my income generated by mileage, it has become necessary to learn to make “home time” quality time. I enjoy photography and have been able to take some memorable pictures while on the road. I also enjoy air boating and playing my guitar, though both of those hobbies have been limited lately. And, when I can, I enjoy spending time with my extended family.”

During Homer’s actual training with National, He didn’t experience many difficulties due to the fact that he drove a tractor-trailer during a tour in the Army. Since graduation, the most difficult aspect has been learning the “ins and outs” of the trucking industry. “After almost a year of driving on my own, I am much more comfortable in that area.”

Homer did a lot of research into the trucking industry, while he was considering changing careers. He was looking for a training school that would support an individual after training and assist them in finding a good job within that field. “I found that National Truck Drivers School had one of the best programs of certified training in the southeastern United States, with some of the best qualified instructors. The opportunity to experience extensive “wheel-time” during their training program was also something I was looking for. The recruiter that came to pitch National Truck Drivers School to me, answered my questions and made me feel that I was definitely making the right decision.”

We asked Homer if he would recommend Truck driving to others? He said “Yes, but with a few caveats. It is a different kind of lifestyle that you need to prepare for. If you have a family, you have to decide what best fits everyone’s needs and desires, particularly if you have children. Professional truck driving, with the proper attitude and with a good safety and driving record, will always serve you with a full-time job. If you like to travel and “experience” our great Nation, this is one fantastic way to do so.”

We could not ask for a more glowing endorsement. In Fact, we did not ask at all. Below is a letter we received from Donna, Homer’s wife that started this message.

Homer is National Truck Drivers School Graduate of the Month for December 2003.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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