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Meet Harvey Flemmings, National Truck Driver School Graduate of the Month for September 2009.

Harvey is a 23 year Navy veteran and is married to his lovely wife Sharon, who works for the University of Florida, and together they have two daughters, Paris and Jasmine.

Harvey tells us becoming a Professional Truck Driver has always been a lifelong goal of his and now he’s accomplished that goal.

After serving to protect the freedoms of our Nation for 23 years and seeing the whole world Harvey now has the opportunity see the country he was defending.

Harvey this is a personal note to you from all of us here at National Training.  Thank you for the sacrifices you and your family have made so the rest of us have the freedom we do.

Harvey chose to attend National Training because we are VA, TA and DANTES eligible and we are also a fully accredited Professional Truck Driver School.  Our accreditation is accepted by the United States Department of Education.  Being accredited is something very rare for a truck driver training program. Accreditation is something a business and school voluntarily strives to achieve.  We allow our school to be evaluated by an accrediting agency to ensure our programs are of top quality and have a real benefit to our students.  Our particular accrediting agency is the DETC (Distance Education and Training Council).

Ok enough of us and let’s get back to the man of the month.


We asked Harvey what his experience was like during his time with us and he simply said “It was wonderful.”   Well, are excited to hear this Harvey and thank you.  We do try to make the experience, not only challenging, but enjoyable experience as well.  People learn best when they are challenged and happy at the same time.

Harvey tells us his most memorable experience during his training was the infamous backing training.  He’s not alone; this seems to be one of the top experiences for many of our students, but of course they all seem to do very well.

Harvey says he wants to drive tanker trucks when he gets out on the road.  For those that do not know, tankers are usually filled with liquids ranging from milk, grains all the way up to highly volatile materials such as fuel.  It takes a safe and dedicated driver to handle these kinds of materials.  After meeting Harvey and seeing his dedication our instructors know he can do it.

Harvey, again thank you for your service and thank you for allowing us to be a part of your future.  It was great to get to know you and we hope you stop by and visit with your tanker sometimes.

National Training, Inc.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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