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Everyone please honor National Training’s November 2008 Graduate of the Month…Mr. George Rainbolt. George hails from Melbourne, Florida where he lives with his fiancé and 2 daughters Katie and Emily.

George’s fiancé is a biologist for the St. John’s County Water Management District.  His daughter Katie, 15, is a sophomore in high school and also dual enrolled in Brevard Community College, and is also a member of the Junior Honor Society.  It doesn’t stop there…George’s youngest daughter, Emily, is 11 and in the 6th grade.  According to George Emily has made A-B honor role every year she has been in school.

George…this is nothing less than outstanding.  It is obvious you have a lot to be proud of and it shows that you are very proud of your family simply because they are the first thing you told us about before your accomplishments with us. Congratulations on a wonderful family George.

Prior to attending National Truck Driver School George worked in land surveying for 11 years.  Starting as just a 2 person operation in the beginning George helped the owner grow the company to 33 employees.  During this time George was the lead for 5 field crews and dealt with much of the behind-the-scene issues like dealing with the municipalities, clients, lawyers, realtors, etc.

We asked George why he decided to become a Professional Truck Driver and his answer was a common one we here right now.  “With the slow down in the housing market it became hard to make 40 hours a week.  Having two children & other responsibilities I need to get into an industry that is more stable.”

George is right, the trucking industry is very stable and trucking companies are still in need of qualified truck drivers.  The trucks must continue to roll to deliver the goods no matter what.

George found out about National Truck Driver School from a friend who attended our school in 2002.  We don’t know the friend’s name but we would like to thank him.  George looked into one other school in Florida that has locations in the Orlando and Jacksonville area and after taking a tour felt they looked like a “driver mill”.  George says, and we quote “I am so glad I came to National.”

When asked what his experience was like during his time with us George tells us he was nervous at first but the instructors were good about giving enough instruction to get you started and to be safe and learn things on your own with our crowding or micro-teaching.  “I enjoyed that very much; I have learned so much.”

Every student that passes our gates has many memorable moments and favorite parts of the training.  Many times the memorable moments of the training are of the Tractor-trailer backing sessions.  The story is usually the same during this part of the training.  Everyone feels nervous and sometimes intimidated; however the story always ends the same as well.  Everyone “gets it” and when that happens you can see the confidence and the feeling the satisfaction grow almost instantly.

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George was no different.  His memorable moment was watching everyone back over the “poor backing cones” and then within a week everyone was putting the tractor-trailer where they wanted it to go.  He also remembers how the entire class rooted each other on even though many students never spoke with that person before.

That’s a prime example of camaraderie through a shared experience.  It is common for all of our students to go on afterwards and remain close friends once they’ve shared this experience.

George’s plan now is to work over the road for a year then look for regional or local work so he can be home more with his wonderful girls.  He also wants to advance his career into management since, as he puts it, “I like the challenge of keeping the client & the workers & the owners happy.

George wanted us to add something to his profile for him.

“Not only are my children great students, they are great people too.  I wish the best for everyone in the class and the safest trips always for all of us.

Thank you National Training. You have helped me change my life.”

Here’s what one of our instructors had to say about George.

“George was a very good student.  He is a very determined person and quickly applied the instruction given.  I believe he will be a great match for our profession. I wish him the best.”
Harold Youngs
National Training, Inc.

Well George we believe you have found the right industry to fulfill all of your goals.  National would like to thank you for becoming a member of our alumni and we wish you great success.  You are a great person with a great family you can be proud of as we know you are George.  Please stop by and visit us sometime.

Thank you,
National Truck Drivers School

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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