This can be you in a matter of weeks.


Meet Fred Kisher of Melbourne, Florida. Fred is National Truck Drivers School Graduate of the Month for March, 2000. In fact, Fred graduated from National exactly one year ago on March 5, 1999. National chose Fred to be this month’s featured graduate because of his outstanding performance during his training.

Now Fred is enjoying the benefits of his training at his new job with Marten Transport, LTD. Marten Transport was one of the three job offers that Fred received through National’s job placement assistance program. Fred chose Marten Transport because they are, as Fred put it, “a solid company, with good equipment and excellent pay”.

Prior to becoming a Professional Truck Driver, Fred was employed by Jake Basset Industries. Fred also did some work selling promotional products and was even self-employed at one time. Fred told us what he enjoyed most about his new career is the fact he gets to meet new people everyday while out on the open road.

Like many before him, Fred realized the benefits of being a Professional Truck Driver. Professional Truck Drivers get to see and experience things that most people only dream about. Truck drivers experience the country we live in, seeing parts of the country that a normal person may only see once in their life, if they’re lucky. Unlike many people going to the same place everyday and doing the same job over and over, Fred has the good fortune of seeing and experiencing something new everyday. The life of a truck driver is never boring. Fred has the freedom of the open road and the excellent pay that comes with it.

If Fred ever did get tired of driving, he has the option of performing other duties in the trucking industry. Although most truck drivers prefer to stay behind the wheel, some like to take a break for a while and work in other areas of their company. That is another benefit of a truck driver; you don’t have to stay behind the wheel all of the time.

Whenever Fred isn’t busy seeing the sites of the country or meeting new people, he likes to spend his time either golfing, cooking or catching up with the yard work. Because Fred’s a truck driver, he has the opportunity to playing at some the best golf courses in the country.

During Fred’s training at National, he had a hard time performing some of the backing maneuvers in the truck. With the excellent coaching of our fine instructors, Fred made it through without too much difficulty, as many students before him had. During our interview with Fred, we asked him why he chose National Truck Drivers School. “I chose National because the school had the best quality staff and equipment out of all of the other schools I investigated.” Fred said.

All of us at National want to thank Fred for his comments about our school and for recommending National Truck Drivers School to others interested in a career as a Professional Truck Driver.

Good luck and we’ll see you on down the road, Fred.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.