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Meet Eric Chart, National Truck Driver School
Graduate of the Month for May 2011.

Eric is married and has three wonderful children. Eric is a local man that lives right down the road from us in Orange Park, Florida. Prior to attending National Truck Driver School Eric mostly worked in an office environment doing sales.

Eric decided it was time for a change to a more stable and “recession proof” career that provided a steady income to make a living and provide a good life for his family.

Once Eric decided he wanted to become a professional Class “A” CDL truck driver he started doing his research online and found that National has a “Great online reputation, and thorough training”.

As we always do we ask our graduates what their experience was like during their time with us and Eric said, and we quote “Instructors were very helpful/knowledgeable. You don’t realize how great an experience it is until you are out on the road… PREPARED AND TRAINED. Not to mention hearing horror stories from people who attended other schools.”

Wow, those are powerful words Eric and we appreciate the compliments. Eric also went on to say that his most memorable experience with us was getting behind the wheel for the first time on the first day. Just like anything done for the first time it is a memorable moment and one that all of our students have to share.


Right now Eric is working for May Trucking and according to Eric they are a great company and he plans to stay with them. From the pictures we can tell they have very nice equipment for their drivers.

Eric, we are very excited for your success and we wish you and your family the best in your future endeavors.

Great job Eric.

From all of us at National Truck Driver School,

Thank you Eric for choosing us and thank you for stopping by with your awesome truck. It is truly inspiring to all those thinking about taking the next step.

Thank you,

National Training, Inc.
National Truck Driver School

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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