This can be you in a matter of weeks.


Lots of money, lots of travel and being your own boss! What type of career could offer this? Could you get all of this working as a corporate CEO? Possibly, if you are also the owner, but CEOs spend very little time away from company business. They are constantly trying to satisfy the needs of their shareholders, board members, client’s and employee’s. Could you get lots of money, lots of travel and being your own boss by owning a small business? Maybe, but the only travel you are doing is back and forth to work everyday and almost all of the money you make must be put back into your small business to make it a big business. Let’s see… about the only other careers that can offer you such benefits are Lawyers, and as you probably guessed, Truck Drivers.

The difference between a Lawyer and a Truck Driver is a Lawyer must go to school for 5 to 7 years and pay between $20,000.00 to $40,000.00.  She or he will work for years before achieving the level of lots of money, travel and being their own boss.  Even then they are still slaves to their clients.  A Truck Driver, on the other hand, only goes to school for three weeks, pays about 1/10 the cost a Lawyer has to pay and all without the pressures and responsibilities of CEO’s, small business owners and Lawyers.  Not to mention, the travel is part of the job, without the suit and tie.

The motto of this story is “WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER”.

This seems to be the motto National Truck Drivers School’s Graduate of the Month for May 2000 learned at an early age.  Meet 21-year-old Emile Landry.  Emile graduated from National Truck Drivers School in December of 1999.  Prior to attending National Truck Drivers School, Emile worked as a Heavy Equipment operator and served his country in the United States Army, where he undoubtedly learned this all-important motto.

Why must someone desirous of a good life have to sacrifice so much time and money to do so?  Emile did not think so and looked to the truck driving industry to provide this good life.  Now Emile has the CEO, the small business owner and the Lawyer working for him.  Every single bit of material these three professions need for their business to function was, more than likely, delivered by a tractor-trailer driver.  What this means is Emile will never have to put up with competition.  The jobs will always be there, and, as a matter of fact, the truck driving industry is still experiencing a severe driver shortage.

During Emile’s time with us he received 4 job offers through our Job Placement Assistance program.  Out of the 4 offers, Emile chose Lester Coggins Trucking (LCT).  LCT offered Emile ample home time, excellent compensation and benefits and a reasonable amount of miles to earn more money.  The money and travel, Emile said, are his favorite parts of the job.

To start his trucking career, Emile said, he chose National Truck Drivers School because our professional representatives impressed him and because National has the best equipment out of all the schools he had researched.

During his training, Emile said the “Backing” portion of his training was the most difficult part.  Well he’s our Graduate of the Month so he must not have had too much difficulty.

When Emile’s not out enjoying his travels and earning his excellent pay, he likes to spend his time either hunting or fishing and enjoying his time with his wife Christina and his son Austin.  I’ll bet the CEO, the small business owner and the Lawyer do not have nearly as much free time as Emile does.  It’s nice to have money, but it is even nicer to have time to enjoy it.

Congratulations Emile and welcome to the good life.  You are a prime example of how to “WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER” and have a taste of the good life.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.