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Ever since Doug was little he had a dream to become a professional truck driver. To be the best of the best Doug chose National Training to make this dream a reality.

At first… Doug had trouble with the “Big Rigs” so… we put him in the “Little Rig” to ease him into the training.

It took some time but Doug eventually mastered the little guy so we decided he could have another shot at the title. Doug loved the Little Rig so much he insisted on having his picture taken with it.

Don’t worry Doug… anytime you feel the urge and want to hop in the little guy again… just stop on by.

Of course, we are just kidding about Doug having to do his training in the Little Rig. On the contrary, Doug did so well and made such a huge impression on his fellow students and his instructors he won the honor of becoming the Top Graduate for his class.

All of this at the rip ole’ age of 19.

Doug enrolled in our course in May 2007. Obviously, he knew long before graduating high school what he wanted to do.

Doug’s Story in his own words:

“I chose National Training for the history of being the best. I have wanted to be a driver as a kid and National was the best choice to make a dream happen. Driving a big rig is not even close to driving a car. Gearing and timing all come in to play to make it roll down the road. Coming to school, I had no idea what the gear pattern was. With a few good trips around the track and great instructing, It was easily learned.”
Doug Meyer

What the Instructors had to say:

“During the July 2007 truck class at National Training, I had the opportunity to meet and train a student by the name of Doug Meyer. In my time as an instructor, I have met many students of all ages and from all walks of life. At nineteen years old, Doug has shown great maturity. His driving skills progressed greatly over the three weeks he was with me. He has never gotten frustrated with his progression, even when things did not go right. He has been a good classroom student and offers intelligent input. Doug has the skills and the aptitude to go very far in this industry.

Congratulations Doug, for a job well done!” Chris Doyle – Instructor

“Doug Meyer is a really great student and a pleasure to work with. He is a fast learner, safe driver and has an exceptional outlook and will to learn. He will be an asset to our industry.” Mike Adams – Lead Instructor

What else can be said to reflect the level of pride and respect we have gained for Doug. The industry is going to be well served with Doug on the road.

Congratulations Doug. You certainly earned this honor.

National Training, Inc.

This can be you in a matter of weeks.


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