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Please join us in welcoming and congratulating Ms. Debbie Hanning. Debbie has been selected as our graduate of the month for March. She comes from Crystal River, Florida. She, her husband Chuck, and their dog “Jug Head” all drive for Werner Enterprises.”

Werner Enterprises, Inc. is a truckload carrier of general commodities in both interstate and intrastate commerce. Werner is currently servicing their customers through a wide range of specialized operations that include dry vans, flatbeds, and temperature controlled trailers. Werner Transportation Inc operates throughout the 48 contiguous United States and portions of Canada, and provides through trailer service in and out of Mexico.

Debbie chose Werner for two reasons. Her husband Chuck was already driving for them, and paperless logs. Werner became the first truckload carrier to be authorized by the Federal Highway Administration to implement paperless logs. This new system replaces the traditional paper logbooks used by truckers to record their work hours and activities. Many entries are made automatically for drivers from the information transmitted from the trucks via satellite. Drivers no longer have to draw lines or manually calculate the work hours available in their eight-day work period. Without the hassle of completing paper logbooks, drivers can focus on driving.

National Truck Drivers School was Deb’s preference for training and spring boarding her career with Werner. She chose us because of our superior training, trucks, and private track. You don’t believe her however, come see for yourself and take a Free Test Drive. Debbie breezed through the curriculum with no real difficulties. She reported to us that she sometimes became impatient waiting for her turn to drive. With the student to truck ratio, she didn’t have to wait long.

Debbie explained to us her reasons for choosing trucking as a career. First and foremost, being with her husband is important. She also was tired of working in fast food places. Being a Certified Nursing Assistant wasn’t much better. Both jobs require grueling work hours for little pay. And both typically offer little or no security or benefits packages. Trucking does put food on the table, a lot of food, and it’s fun!

Debbie enjoys collecting things like Disney characters. Traveling around the country gives her ample opportunity to collect these characters from many, many places. Debbie recommends trucking as a way of life to anyone who enjoys being behind the wheel and operating massive power.

We are proud to show off Debbie as our featured graduate even though she graduated way back in December of 1997. Some things only get better with age. We are confident that Debbie’s trucking career falls into that category.

Ms. Debbie Hanning, You are National Truck Drivers School’s Graduate of the Month for March 2002.

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